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    .Etersand Warriors cheat free hack code list - tower crate, DNA, legendary warrior, upgrade, level up, gold, premium pack, gift.

    Etersand Warriors cheat world: know the arena - learn how to move in the battle field, avoid danger and exploit the benefits. Practice makes perfect. Step into the arena, you have a date with destiny. Remember: your warrior will heal while in your base. Go back if you need to. Main objective: destroy your rival’s base tower.


    The gifts in the middle of arena (damage, regeneration, speed, invisibility) give great benefits. Get them first and put them to good use. The arena will provide beasts to fight by your side. You got into tower range without a beast near you? They are great at catching bullets. You’ve met the floor? Take a few seconds to get acquainted, you will respawn in the base.

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    Build your squad - receive your reward and add new warriors to your squad to step into the arena. If you need a change, return to your base and switch warriors. What’s DNA for? Well, now you can train your warrior. Go to the warriors tab and make him stronger. Team fight - prove yourself in an advanced 2 us 2 battle. Develop your team fight strategy.

    Etersand Warriors - legendary warrior
    Characters: Ganges - glory doesn’t exist if one doesn’t fight with courage and bravery. i never fear, and is someone calls me a hero, let it be my people of Atlantide for having seen me fight with valour. Calib - i don’t owe anyone anything. I survived the city of New Amazonia: i can cut it in any arena against any warrior. Does Fury dominate me? I am fury. I’m always in the middle of the action, right where i like it.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: overcome fear and fight to bask in golden glory. Challenge assignments and achievements quest are very difficult to achieve. Who knows if a reward will be delivered from UF! There are also daily missions which are not difficult to achieve for the sincere commander. The reward is not bad either. Inventory is a warehouse where you can see the entire loot that the commander has acquired. Please keep in mind that items left here can also be sold.


    That’s how we roll! You’re ready for some battles. Don’t forget: only the bravest prevail in the Etersand. You can get evolution material, DNA, each special equipment development materials and etc by release arena. Braack is a function that manages the arena in a comprehensive manner including growth, promotion, evolution, core equip and strengthening and DNA. Mode is a place where you can perform various missions provided by UF as described previously.

    Etersand Warriors hacked

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    1. XTJ6DDa4zS - tower crate
    2. 1nl1gDwEu2 - DNA
    3. IV2UJllObD - legendary warrior
    4. Wz8RpYZRjl - upgrade
    5. QKfchE2MAV - level up
    6. ELxFafbIZy - gold
    7. JegxotA6Yc - premium pack
    8. vI4cVMQ9Vg - gift
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