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    Animus Stand Alone cheat world: sweet whispers of promise were imparted from Kerr to the one named Munin. In her conceit, Munin leapt from the heavens to claim what she so desired: indomitable power shone from mortal desperation. Alas, the deceit was soon realized as Kerr would have his way, havoc consigned to usurp the realm, as memories corrupt and shattered were strewn throughout existence.


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    The few who survived took up arms to reclaim humanity. Countless possibilities had been while hope rose and fell, yet all were beaten into the dust, bringing an end to the age of champions. The lands now lay desolate and empty but for the acrimonious shadows, lingering in the falsehood of their own creation. Yet there is one left wandering the lands in torturous pilgrimage, to escape this prison or end it.

    Animus Stand Alone cheats android, ios hack codes

    Guard and dodge faithfully to stay alive. Move virtual stick n the bottom left. Follow the path of the glowing scars of memory. Consume gold to purchase revive in black market. Status effect occurs after a certain amount is accumulated. Struggling in battle? Reinforce equipment. A glowing resonance appears after bosses die. Tap the action button to destroy it and complete each stage.

    Animus Stand Alone skill points
    Consume points to increase skills in proficiency. Tap the arrows in the top left in inventory to view equipment sorted by category. Tap the button in the bottom left to select a grade when reinforcing, selling and disassembling. Tap the arrows in the top left in proficiency to view stats and activate skills. Replenish skill increases HP replenish amount.

    Animus Stand Alone secret code hack tips

    Tip, android gameplay secrets: player will run automatically, consuming stamina. The top grey target button to the right lock POV and attack direction. Tap attack buttons on the bottom right in various sequences to deal combination attacks. Inputting the correct combination of devastate deals increased damage. Most bipedal enemies can be dealt a critical damage using a backstab. Successful dodge or guard will allow the devastate gauge to fill faster.


    Tapping the target button will toggle targeting from one enemy to the next. Tap and hold target to release target. Tap the blue button on the bottom left to use lethal attack. Lethal attack gauge gradually fills when damage is dealt. Each weapon class has different lethal attacks. Tap the action button near the petrified sister to receive rewards, and resume gameplay when player dies. She is your checkpoint.

    Animus Stand Alone hacked

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    1. f0IJ18tSgm - memory shards
    2. sRqIm7Y7AB - revive
    3. DjEpSInZx3 - gems
    4. 24QrONaN0k - gold
    5. T5uEDkh9qF - upgrade
    6. 4VvjuyNFBS - level up
    7. qblV8btIey - chest
    8. PtOrJLcQiP - skill points
    9. WICj5wwglx - evolve
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