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    Dicemancers cheat world: blue base - this is your base, and where your hero begins the match. Each time you return base, your hero levels up, and also gets a skill up. Red base - this is your opponent’s base, and where your opponent begins the match. if your hero lands on your opponent’s base, they will be jailed. Attack flag - when heroes land on an attack flag, they attack the opponent, dealing damage on their AP and their skills.


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    Dicemancers Dice cards - summon dice. Drag a card to the center of the screen, or double-tap a card to use it. Dice cards summon dice, indicating the number of blocks your hero will move. Players win by killing their opponent. Level up your hero, and use attack flags well to win. You can tap on blocks, on heroes, and on dice cards to learn more about them.

    Dicemancers cheats android, ios hack codes

    Hero stats - heroes have 3 stats:attack power (AP), health (HP), and gold. Improve your heroes’ stats by collecting hero cards to level up their skills and equipment. Each hero has unique skills. These skills can be unlocked and improved when the player has collected sufficient hero cards. Each hero can equip 3 different kinds of unique equipment. Make your hero more powerful by hacking equipment card to strengthen their equipment.

    Dicemancers rank points
    Bases can lead you to victory. Collect base cards to improve your bases. Bases buff your heroes each time they return to base. They can also make escaping from jail more difficult for your opponent. Once your base has leveled up, you can start cheating chests. Place heroes in the production slots and select how long you want them to craft chests. Heroes who have the same attributes as the base will produce chests that contain better items.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: dice cards summon dice. Your hero will move as many blocks as indicated on the dice. Purple dice cards allow your hero to perform special actions during their turn. Once a purple dice card is used, the turn is consumed. Blue dice cards also allow your hero to perform special actions during their turn. However, these dice cards do not consume a turn and can be used in combination with other dice cards.


    The card deck consists of 18 basic cards, and 5 cards chosen by the player. The 18 basic cards consists of 4 random cards, 2 each of low, high, odd, and even cards, and 1 of each number card. Players can upgrade their choices at any time from the card deck menu. When the match begins, the deck is shuffled, and then cards are dealt. Gunnar pulls pistols from behind his back. his bombs are in his beard.

    Dicemancers hacked

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    3. 0eQGwdHG89 - gold
    4. 6g1nl7qbj1 - level up
    5. kJPjsUre9e - upgrade
    6. XFJTywD0aL- max dice
    7. fkZQd35C04 - premium pack
    8. XTUGT9V87e - gift
    9. 5g7slOeaWC - gem crystal
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