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    HEIR OF LIGHT cheat world: one late night, not too long ago...The sky tore and dark blood showered down upon the world like rainfall. Dark blood engulfed the sun, putting out its radiant flame as the pale moon swallowed it. All that was left was the morning star. The soil, soaked in dark blood, rotted and decayed. Horror, doubt, hope, and obsession plagued the world and caused a dichotomy in the population.


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    Those who emerged from the dark blood and spread corruption through the world and those who fight against evil, purifying the world and working to reawaken the sun. The battle persisted for eons but neither faith, nor conviction, nor hope was able to withstand the test of time. What will become of this oblivious world that has long forgotten even the reason behind the battle? Who will come to lead this despondent land? You may possibly become a witness. That is, if you survive till then.

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    Masters: Saighead - a bow wielding assassin once revered for liberating the mist Elves from slavery, he is now a reviled traitor who killed his leader/ However, his reputation means naught to him, as long as he can no longer be called anyone’s puppet. Miya - a young pixie who was once doted on by the fairy godmother, Lucien. Her path to succeeding Lucien came to an abrupt halt when she was banished from the forest after leaving a scar in Lucien’s face. Rumors say that Lucien destroyed something precious to Miya, but it is unknown as to what it could be. Ishmael - a knight who served princess Eleonora, the lady of the dead. When the curse in the clan’s blood began to awaken, he resolved to return to usher to keep a promise he made a long time ago. Princess Eleonora was sad to see her favorite knight leave, but had realized that his heart had already been taken by another.

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    Bjorn - a warrior from Vrokkheim, a country of ailing titans and extinct dragons. As he was the son of a hero who saved his people from human rule, he lived his life in his father’s shadow. One day, he encountered a small animal underground that became his companion, prompting him to take up his father’s axe to protect his new friend. Ophena - the second daughter of the late king Otzrava, who fell against the angels he bragged of being descended from. As her birth was a mistake, she was never recognized as a princess and was forced to live in the shadows. When the angels attacked and destroyed the kingdom, she left her home behind.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: you can cheating new masters at crusade level 10, 20, 30 and 40. Because of your master’s hard work, your combo skill has recharged. When forming a team, you must first set a master. Next, select servants to fight alongside you. You can receive element stone tributes daily based on the number of manors you have liberated. You can adjust the battle speed from 1 all the way to 3.


    Taking on quests will make everything much easier. A character’s grade increases when evolving. level reset back to 1. Element stones required for awakening can be found in awakening dungeons. You can select your preferred control method to manual skills, auto skill, including combo skill by tapping auto menu. One basic combat strategy is to stack def down five times on an enemy.

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    4. h1eCtk8mJX - rune
    5. hBxqBdLPi4 - unlimited valor
    6. gMhpn46jOd - element
    7. IHrn3r4dIW - awakening
    8. j5SkFzQa1X - enhance
    9. R3andYIssz - skill point
    10. pkWlQfJ9wc - gold
    11. LDCviACAM7 - gem crystal
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