Biazing Sword hacked
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    . Biazing Sword cheat free code list - gold, gem, gear, epic box, premium pack, upgrade, increase attributes, level up, unlock characters, tickets.

    Biazing Sword cheat world: movement speed gets your character into and out of danger faster. Being able to out-run enemies is a huge advantage, not to be underestimated. Attack speed - increases the natural auto attack rate of a hero’s melee attacks, and the number of ranged attacks per second a ranger can perform. Damage bonus increases the amount of melee and ranged damage a character does per level.


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    Recharge bonus increases the amount of charge per hit each hero’s power move gains when fighting enemies. Shards synthesis is one of the ways to get a card. When the hero needs transfer, need the corresponding fusion demon.

    Biazing Sword cheats android, ios hack codes

    Special moves: agony - while having 25% or less of your maximum health point, every hit is critical. Absorb - maximum damage received from one attack cannot be more than 15% of your maximum HP. Float & sting - if dodging attack, get _50% damage for your next attack. Blades - successful hit inflicts bleeding. Opponents loses 7% of his max HP on the same turn.

    Biazing Sword skill points
    These are your special moves. They cost mana. YOu get 5 mana at the beginning of your turn. Tap smash to increase attack. Tap block to increase your armor. It will reduce the damage from opponent. Let’s do combo. Tap unsafe and smash. Your hit will make opponent’s armor negative. It will count an additional damage after your next attack. Critical hit deals double damage.

    Biazing Sword secret code hack tips

    Tip, android gameplay secrets: you get loot boxes by winning battles. Collect cards to upgrade your special moves. Add available special moves to you set. Consumables will help you in battles. They don’t need mana, but can only be used once. Tap and hold icons to see special moves or consumables description. Get trophies to reach new leagues and unlock new content.


    You may hack game to speed up loot box unlocking. Different map grid will affect the role of the hit, dodge, physical defense, magic defense. Such as grass grid upgrade 10% hits, reduced 10% dodge. Map grid character of the specified attribute will enhance attack or decline, the same as attribute restraint. Each roles has a fixed attribute of water, fire, wood, thunder, dark, light, and their mutual restraint. Between the role of restraint affect, the damage will increase by 20%.

    Biazing Sword hacked

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    1. RWIPq5wmve - gold
    2. OnlBV2VUDE - gem
    3. b2ffg1BRAK - gear
    4. V9e6G57RsU - epic box
    5. uFYhg7xmfr - premium pack
    6. 42qllrQg7T - upgrade
    7. 6w45RADBn2 - increase attributes
    8. L0iDHWsbih - level up
    9. KnAEjDwYwe - unlock characters
    10. 4i7SXfdpv9 - tickets
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