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    Luna Mobile cheat world: guild leader, there are all Mazoku soldiers along the way. THis shows that out direction is correct, Arbiter should be appearing soon. I have the fire essence granted by the Goddess, it can help you to obtain fire attribute’s battle ability. Use penetrate pierce to destroy enemies in front. Deadly attack - the second power of the fire essence.


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    You have a strange and powerful energy coming from your body. You still unable to master in controlling it. The uncontrollable power will induce people to the abyss step by step. I had already helped you to suppress it for the moment. We have to go back to Nara city and report to Goddess regarding the result of the pursuit. I have reported to the Goddess, the goddess compliments us. I hope you keep up with your hard work. You are now the hope of the alliance.

    Luna Mobile cheats android, ios hack codes

    Characters: Warrior - super powerful attack, wielding the sword in the battle to kill the enemies, although the ideal ambitions of both sides are different, but with the same target to enhance their target to enhance their skills in the endless battlefield, becoming the best of the best in the battlefield. Elves - are more defensive than offensive, they will protect their mates and themselves when facing strong enemies, they will never give in to the enemies. Magician - the existence of magic was discovered when the magic is flowing, the magic turns into an unbelievable power in their hands, sometimes they could be used to heal people, sometimes they could lift up a rock without showing any traces.

    Luna Mobile diamonds
    Able to feel the magic flowing and control the magic, when the magic contended with the power in their bodies, lightness will become darkness, darkness will become lightness, their existence are stronger than anyone else. Assassin - assassin’s existence are even more mysterious than the shadow darkness, seeing the dagger on their hands indicate the near of a death, the mystery and agile assassins will give their enemies a finishing blow when they are not aware. Never allow them to perform the forbidden move in front of you, even at the blink of an eye, you would never know when they will stab into your heart when you are not aware.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: for some boss, fighting face to face is more effective than running around. Three utmost leveling factors: dungeon, daily mission, guild mission. Auto attack when closed to the enemies (does not require to click). Lots of cool title, each with their own unique attribute bonus, there must be one for you. Remember to set to deploy in guild battle, player offline will still be able to join battle. When challenging harder dungeon, other than increasing BR, you can try to battle manually.


    Hints: the reward on guild mission is great! The value would be even greater if you get five stars mission. Upgrade hack level to enjoy more privilege, also able to purchase limited cheat gift pack.Must cultivate minion after having sufficient minion spirits and life essences. When using gesture skill, the pattern of your swipes determine your skill effect. Attack, healing, hacking, defense, cheating, all round. Every type of minions have their own unique characteristic.

    Luna Mobile hacked

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