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    Pirate Tales cheat world: having reached the pirates’ island, you break into the prison, where Bombette has been held hostage. Several smugglers have set camp in the jungle, another nuisance delaying your flight from the island. The final hindrance on your way to freedom and sea, there’s a gang of pirates guarding the only ship. Start main encounter to continue with your adventures.


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    Ship has received some heavy beating in the storm, and now we need help with repairing. You’ll see a red exclamation mark (“!”) on the port icon. This means that visiting this port is required to make progress in the quest. Approach the port on Louisa Island by drawing a part from the ship to the island. Enter the port by clicking its icon on the map, or use the highlighted button or M on the keyboard.

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    The ship took a little damage during the battle with the towers and needs minor repairs. This can be done for a fee at any port, bat pirates can partially repair a ship for free. Each faction offers its own special services to travelers. Items: hunting bow - a light and silent weapon, it becomes even more dangerous if you dip its arrowhead in poison in advance. Ritual dagger - it was used to cut out human and animal hearts in cruel rituals. Today it is a proper -and fail proof weapon.

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    Heal everyone using the buttons marked + next to the wounded. medicine is spent when you heal the wounded. If you run out of it, you’re in trouble, and it’s not for sale everywhere. You must watch your stock of medicine and hacking it whenever you have the opportunity. Swipe left or right to switch between crew members duties setting and the tavern. All merchant cities are marked with a green “%” meaning their ports offer lower prices than other ports. THis is a good place for buying things at a fair price.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: fight in encounters to advance along the storylines and get rewards. Battle points depend on how successfully the fight went and how difficult it was. Employ tactics to change your attack style. Heroes’ sworn enemies vary with each specific faction. Side encounters can be completed for a reward more than once. You can dispense with pickiness and load everything at once using the highlighted button. Sell any goods to reduce the ship’s weight.


    Hints: collect your loot by moving to the place where the enemy was destroyed, or collect 70% of it automatically using the highlighted button. The protectorate is the purest thing we have in this world. Their destiny is honour, peace and justice. They protect the weak, conduct negotiations, and always try to reach compromises.

    Pirate Tales hacked

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