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    . Shurado cheat free code list - spirit frag, enhance, upgrade, cursed hourglass, box, level up, unlimited stamina, unlock weapon.

    Shurado cheat world: as he came to, he found himself in an abyss. He could not find his comrades, or anything worthy of protection, because he had died - this is the hell for those who have killed. Just as he deserves. He looks down at his body. No longer had he the body of a man. He had become a grotesque armor with no flash. A fitting body for hell. However, his soul was unshaken. He was not all daunted by death. I will return.


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    No matter what. If this is hell, i can climb out. If despair awaits me, i can face it after i have ascended. He rose up countless times, placing his feet on the stairs rising before him to SHurado.

    Shurado cheats android, ios hack codes

    Hold down on the right side of the screen to build up the gauge and release a powerful attack. You can spend spirit fragments to upgrade or buy weapons. You can defend during battle by touching the left side of the screen. If you succeed in defending off enemy attacks, they will falter and you will have a chance to attack. Obtained weapons can be equipped on the menu screen. You can equip up to 3.

    Shurado box
    Tap the weapon icon to change weapons. Tap the screen twice to use your weapon’s skill. Skills are powerful, but use a lot of stamina. A sword clash occurs when you attack at the same time as your enemy. Repeatedly tap the icon to push your enemy back. You can get weapons by hacking the box. Only one box can be hacked at any time.

    Shurado secret code hack tips

    Tip, android gameplay secrets: some weapons have attributes. Fire, water, and thunder have a circular relationship, while divine and evil oppose each other. Tap the weapon icon to switch between equipped weapons. You’ll be returned to the bottom of the abyss if your HP falls to 0. You will lose all of your spirit frags and levels, but lost spirit frags can be recovered in the level where your HP fell to 0.


    Hints: Tap the character’s legs to change movement speed. Swipe the stage to move your viewpoint. Tap blue wisps to recover HP and yellow ones to get spirit fragments. Touch the right side of the screen during battle to attack. You can’t attack if your stamina runs out.

    Shurado hacked

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    1. VNQ5lEUUbZ - spirit frag
    2. JpmfrXOAdt - enhance
    3. 7WdhRlBi28 - upgrade
    4. Tgxjg6Dq6V - cursed hourglass
    5. D75hPT2Ri8 - box
    6. LZPKfvAtfW - level up
    7. atg7WJTdnq - unlimited stamina
    8. QUI8n92cln - unlock weapon
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