Battle Boom hacked
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    . Battle Boom cheat free code list - chest, box, gold, gem, ruby, level up, battle points, upgrade, evolve.

    Battle Boom cheat world: greetings commander, i am cheat-on. We have enemy in sight. We are fully loaded to engage them. YOu can win the battle as soon as you destroy the command post of the enemy. You can deploy units, characters are automatically replenished. Please rifleman immediately! Please note that units can only be deployed inside the highlighted lane. Let’s overpower them by deploying more troops.


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    The further our troops move forward, the further we can deploy new troops. Victory is in sight! let’s deal the final blow by sending in more troops. Though we have won our first battle, enemy recon unit is still nearby. Commander, please give an order to eliminate them.

    Battle Boom cheats android, ios hack codes

    Units: armored infantry is a tanker unit that protects the units behind, does more damage on the defensive buildings such as a bunker. Bunker are defensive structures with high HP. Flamer is a medium ranged unit that attacks in a straight line. Death mecha has very high attack power. Army dogs can inflict additional damage on humans. Sappers - deal extra damage against enemy structures. Tank costs a great deal, but it has a strong attack power and defense. These heavy war machines are excellent both offensively and defensively. Snipers have high attack power and shoot at long range but have low HP.

    Battle Boom treasure chest
    Press and hold a unit portrait to view its details. The high command has temporarily deployed fire support to wipe out the enemy. Missiles are an effective counter against enemies fragile units. Medical kit can heal all the damaged characters over a period of time. The deck has to have 30 units to be used. Fire bombs deal continuous damage in an area.

    Battle Boom secret code hack tips

    Tip, android gameplay secrets: i am here to provide you with strategic assistance. Our armored infantry have been training hard, and are ready for deployment. They are defensive melee troops that can protect our rifleman. You may use one battle deck, from which units will be randomly drawn. Indicated battle point will be consumed when deploying units. battle point are hacked automatically.


    Hints: aura effects buff the nearby allies. SOmetimes, victory needs good luck. In battle, the battle point increases at a speed of 2.5 points per second. In a regular battle, you will cheat random units randomly from the battle deck. Nuclear explosions conducted by mad scientists can also hurt allies. Barracks will continuously train new rifleman, giving us an advantage in lengthy battles.

    Battle Boom hacked

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    1. IC9PMtSu0i - chest
    2. 4M5UzpTRJh - box
    3. 27liTnEMG4 - gold
    4. CaKnu5xBHG - gem
    5. 7bFKbWyuwg - ruby
    6. lqFF3w7Xto - level up
    7. wleS799lcz - battle points
    8. l2e4tQpSTr - upgrade
    9. iCiH9x46l8 - evolve
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