legion of heroes hacking
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    Hacked cheats legion of heroes android

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    • learn all skills - 6EEu8s;

    • hire various heroes for your legion - gr45ws;

    • gold ticket - 9ioyr8;

    • premium - 6gtw09;

    legion of heroes android hack

    Tap change formation to change the position of your heroes in battle.

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    The shadow legion. They fell upon elfheim without warning. The fairy homeland under his control, the Dread king declared war on life itself. His appearance stunned the world. Rome was first to rise against his evil. And so, legion of heroes gathered from around the world to stand against the darkness..

    Unstoppable warrior the berserker: this beastkin warrior wields devastating weapons with immense strength. He can rend foes from the front lines with a massive axe, or suppon his allies from the rear with a heavy cannon.

    Lord of wind legion of heroes the storm mage: a fairy wanderer, blessed by nature, with command over mystical spells. She can blast enemies into submission with bolts of lightning or soothe the wounds of her allies with a healing word.

    Master of war - the cladiator: a soldier with great experience on the battlefield. He is adept with an array of weapons, but his specialty lies in swords and spears.

    Death from Afar - the sniper legion of heroes: an archer of no small skill. The bow is the perfect weapon for her, allowing her to eliminate foes from afar before they ever come close enough to be a danger.

    how to enter cheats legion of heroes

  • how and where enter
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