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    Swords and Sandals 5 cheat world: after many days, you have arrived in the frontier city of Suul’s gateway. You have sought out the Ludus and hope to be trained as a gladiator under the legendary trainer Reg the Hammer. Do you wish to tell the tale of your life thus far. Answering the questions will help determine which character class is best suited to your personality. Or perhaps, you already know where you are headed….


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    Just a day ago, i arrived here in the frontier city of Gragenbach to learn the ways of gladiatorial combat. Tonight i find myself in the Ludus, a gladiator training school. One through keeps racing through my mind..

    Swords and Sandals 5 cheats android, ios hack codes

    Game mode: dungeon crawl - create a gladiator then enter an endless dungeon, fighting monsters, exploring tunnels for treasure. The Grail quest - an epic five act story where you fight in arenas, battle giant arena beasts and explore dungeons on a quest to defeat the legendary emperor antares. Gladiator sprint - a lightning fast gladiatorial tournament where you will earn gold, level up and gain items after each battle. One life only.

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      Swords and Sandals 5 Class:
    • warrior (melee and weapons expert) - you are a warrior, a specialist brawler, battle master and (some say) binge-dinker. In the thick of the melee or in the darkest dungeon is where you thrive, kicking down doors and breaking bones. Stealth and trickery is not your thing, you impose your will with strength of arm and bravery of heart. Your mastery of all weapons and armour will be your salvation in the adventures to come.

    • Knight (melee and magic hybrid) - you are a knight, bth strong of arm and of mind. It is in the dark places of the world your honour shines brightest. You equally enjoy the rush and devastating energies of combat magic as you do the clash of steel on steel. It must be said that the constant wearing of heavy armour and swinging of large weapons doesn’t naturally promote quickness on one’s feet. Not that you care - physical and verbal arrows matter not when they can be deflected with tempered steel and the strength of purpose.

    • Wizard (master of sorcery) - as a wizard, you have chosen to rely on the power of your mind and the resulting supreme command of magic that it confers. Constant study and meditation have left you somewhat deficient in other areas, but this is the least of your worries - who needs a sword when you can call upon fire from the heavens to destroy your enemies en masse? Many people fear and distrust you, but such is the price of power.

    • Rogue (cunning and resourceful) - a crafty rogue you are, master of the taunt and the sleight of hand. You operate in the shadows and fight your battles at a distance. Light armour and ranged weapons are your calling card and your skill at picking locks and disarming traps keeps you alive. Whether it’s a knife in the back of an unsuspecting magic wielder or leaving slow, burly warriors behind you in the dust, you are a true survivor.

    • Priest (spiritual fighter) - as a priest of the gods of Brandor, you are infused with both the divine will of your deity and the magic of the land - which blend into a power fusion of healing as well as harmful incantations that serve you well in dungeons deep. Time and time again it seems the hand of the gods themselves act as your salvation in a crisis.. whether through saving you from the brink of defeat or bringing about your opponent’s doom.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: Game difficulty: easy - enemies are on average somewhat weaker than your gladiator. Normal - enemies are evenly matched with you and get slowly stronger. Hard - enemies are on average much stronger than your gladiator. Tap left or right of your gladiator to jump. Hacking maximus or ultratus mode turns off advertisements and unlocks the entire epic quest chain for the game. You also get maximus armour for your gladiator and access to other modes.


    The hypogeum - during the construction of Eternal colosseum, a large network of passages and halls were constructed to house labourers, engineers and craftsmen. ALthough largely abandoned, the Hypogeum is still used to hold prisoners in maze of dungeon passages, and in its lower levels, mausoleums and crypts for the glorious dead of the arena.

    Swords and Sandals 5 hacked

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    4. bIDBEE8j9R - orbs
    5. mRymBTbWAS - key
    6. OlhJidVaBj - jade stone
    7. Re57g29kHl - level up
    8. rEKBrYoA4V - ultratus mode
    9. cXpPaa2BRK - upgrade
    10. FxzYDCPdWo - gold
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