Overkill 3D hacked
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    . Overkill 3D cheat free code list - medal crate, weapon, cash, upgrade, instant unlock, wooden box, gold, level up, premium pack.

    Overkill 3D cheat world: Capture target supply depot. Cost is based on distance to the nearest allied territory. Multiple attackers- when battling with multiple armies, you can choose the order you want them to fight. Supporting armies will slowly reinforce throughout the battle. You can unpause the action in the command screen and continue to view, play and give orders entirely from this screen if you choose. Enable auto battle for your nobleman in order to give him orders as well.


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    Controls: right side of screen is shot control area. YOu can shoot using right finger multi touch. You can shoot using shot button. When you meet enemy near distance, you can use knife weapon. Screen area- the area on the left side of the screen is movement control and the area on the right side is aiming and launch control. Position of button can be changed from setting” change position of game button” menu.

    Overkill 3D cheats android, ios hack codes

    Weapon: Smg scar - a fully automatic firearm, with a nice combination of high fire rate and medium fire distance. A good choice for all situations.
    Overkill 3D cash
    The rocket launcher is a powerful weapon. It launches rocket propelled projectiles that causes huge damage to the target.
    Overkill 3D Skills: mine - create a mine field around you. Triple rocket - launch several rocket towards your enemies. Small med kit - heals a small amount of health. Smart bomb - launch a bomb and watch it blows your enemies. Shield - create a special shield capable of protect you and all your allies. Hand grenade - can be thrown to cause an explosion.

    Overkill 3D secret code hack tips

    Tip, android gameplay secrets: rushing reduces stamina. When not rushing, your stamina slowly recovers. Defeat your opponent first. You can get a bonus gear. You can also collapse or expand the information panels for better visibility. With a high magnification optical zoom, you can precisely aim and defeat your opponent. Drone - you drop a drone from the sky to the desired location to cause great explosion on the ground.


    Shield - you defend the attack from the front with shield. Press the button again to rush forward. Gas - you drop the gas bomb to the opponent, and explode it. Hacked supply box - if you play for a limited time, you can receive as many gold as there are cumulative kills. Cheat box - if you achieve your training goals within the time limit, you will receive an armor set (cash item).

    Overkill 3D hacked

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    1. gzFl5F6BRj - medal crate
    2. AXurd15vYl - weapon
    3. 6ZionO9ZJQ - cash
    4. k31o1Mln2Z - gold
    5. nTvDHHHRwa - upgrade
    6. rOcacs9Zaj - instant unlock
    7. qcuwv4b8SN - wooden box
    8. CsUfkHnSd3 - level up
    9. 8ov3WPve1r - premium pack
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