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    Star Legends cheat world: humans met with these unknown visitors in the near-earth space station. In this friendly conversation, the visitors showed extremely interest in rare mineral energy called “ Magnetocrystalline”. But on 10th of the following month, alien ripped off their friendly camouflage, and launched a sudden attack on the earth. THe reason was that alien had coveted the “Magnetocrystalline” For a long time. Human caught off guard, and suffered heavy loss in the near-formation battle. With successful landing and higher civilization of the mech, the aliens paged all over the world.


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    Human suffered fiasco with heavy casualties, and completely unable to resist the aggression. Human civilization suffered devastating loss in this war. The city and the civilization were destroyed. The world was devastated and destructed. To keep the last hope, the world marshal led the remnants of people to hide in the dead zone, and established the defend base called “Ark”. Human began to develop higher level mech to fight against the alien. This year had been changed as the “ Apocalypse”.

    Star Legends cheats android, ios hack codes

    In the fought year of the apocalypse calendar, the first batch of mech with various types of element magnetocrystalline as the core energy was finally developed to against the alien. The battle of the earth has just begun…
    Commander, welcome back to the cheat-on. The alien slacks off their offensive these days. It’s really a good time to prepare. Let’s tests basic hack operations first. Can release the unique skill, try the power of the mecha’s unique skill. Mecha is in invincible state when casting unique skill. In invincible state when casting unique skills in raid.

    Star Legends diamonds
    You can obtain advanced mechas in recruitment system. There is a free chance everyday for the advanced recruitment and 100% get an epic mecha for each 10 hacked cheats. Make good use of EVS skill to cope with the red alert of boss skills. The hey to the battle is how to arrange passive skills when several mechas are on the field. Use attribute restriction properly to deal more damage to enemies.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: activate zodiac to feel zero distance 12 constellations. Insert crystal to increase the power of the Mecha. Blow enemies up in a row to deal tons of damage. Enemy suffers all damages since domination has been destroyed. The key to the battle is how to arrange passive skills when several mechas are on the field. Hack upgrading, starising and refinement are ways to increase power. Battle are essential challenges everyday.


    When the shield is broken up, the enemy will suffer from full damage. Use normal attack to gather energies required by skill. Gorgeous displacement and hack cheats operations are the key to victory. Red arrow indicates enemies who are out of your sight. Enjoy different battle experience by various mecha combination in combat.

    Star Legends hacked

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    8. LtD5ACvIFp - promote
    9. yEWHCLemY0 - evolve
    10. fCOztl5Q6S - level up
    11. N3vtN69RH7 - vip
    12. zjePmwUtG4 - premium pack
    13. mCeRbPvJ29 - gold
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