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    Catan Stories cheat world: the wind rushing against my face and through my feathers is invigorating. I soar over the mountain summit and the sound of rushing water hits me as the river below comes into view. I glad down and land upon a tree branch, hidden among the leaves. The calls of the nearby caravan hunters tell me they’ve snagged a fresh kill. This can only mean one thing: predators nearby, eager to grab a quick and easy meal. I open my beak and cry out, my call echoing through the trees, distinct among the sounds of the forest.


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    Surprised by the commotion, the hunters turn in my direction and consequently notice the wolves circling hungrily. The hunters hurriedly create a cacophony of sound and frantic movement, whooping and hollering and waving their limbs to confuse the animals. I do what i can to maintain the balance. I remember a time before the fist hack settlers arrived here. Before the cities, the farms, and the wheat field. Before the river was given a name. It’s now been seventy one years, though it feels like only moments ago that they arrived, lost souls adrift in the world. I take my leave of this place, hack content that the balance is maintained.

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    As i begin gaining altitude, there is a sudden flash in my eyes! The world grows pale, and my once black feather dissolve to nothingness. I am paralyzed by a power greater than myself and am lifted up and out of my own body. A cheat vision! I haven’t experienced one in so long. I’ve forgotten the sensation. This can only mean one thing: the balance of Catan is in jeopardy. I’m back in my own body as though nothing has happened. The island has been relatively peaceful for so long. I’ve forgotten how draining such visions can be. A little disoriented, i must determine how to decipher the message. I will pause for a minute and them resume my duties later.

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    Having gathered my thoughts, I know in my heart this future that I've witnessed cannot come to pass. I've tried to remain inconspicuous throughout the years, but I am the guardian of Catan and I cannot allow this vision to become a reality. I must search and hack companions who will come to the aid of the island, those who might have the power to push back the very tide of fate, if need be. I spread my wings and take flight…
    I soar high above the water, silhouetted against an ash gray sky choked with clouds, and spy a formation of longships carrying many souls. They cut through the black ocean with surprising speed. Out in front is a small merchant vessel. Two rows of oars dip into the choppy waters, thrusting it forward in brute unison despite a terrifying wind threatening to blow them off course.
    As the seafarers are distracted by the storm that brews in the distance, I tuck my wings and land gracefully upon the ship's figurehead un noticed...almost.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: Like wolves encircling unsuspecting prey, the dark clouds above us gather around this tiny merchant vessel. The unrelenting ocean waves toss the North Star back and forth like a child's toy, and a hurricane wind rips the leather tent off the deck. One of the crew members crumples against the boat, mumbling to the gods with eyes and fists tightly clenched.


    I take flight above Norik as they begin dismantling the heavy woollen sails. The boat smacks hard against a large wave, causing the central mast to come undone and nearly flatten me in one fell swoop! Desperate hands grab wooden buckets to bail the excess seawater. I am soaking wet. Time slows as the chill seeps into my bones and a giant tide builds to a furious crescendo, surrounding the vessel below. Movement in the corner of my eye brings my attention to a wall of water, rising impossibly to the heavens, threatening to come down upon us.
    From time to time, sleeping or resting during the journey will be necessary. You will be informed when the story is ready to continue.

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