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    Civilization Era cheat world: the beautiful and mysterious continent of Pangea. On this continent blessed by the gods, Europe, Asia, America. The cultures of these three civilizations were flourishing. However...This peace did not last long. A powerful man named Anu appeared and declared war on all of the civilizations of Pangea. Heroes from each civilization fiercely resisted, but all of them lost to Anu. Having conquered the continent, Anu ruled as a tyrant and threw the lives of the residents of Pangaea into an abyss of suffering.


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    Right when everyone’s desperation had sank to its absolute lowest, an unknown prophet appeared. The prophet wandered around the continent of Pangea, encouraging heroes lost in a sense of defeat, and persuaded them that now is the time for every civilization to put their strength together. Having regained their courage, the heroes formed an guild and began standing up to Anu once more. Ultimately, after a long and bloody battle, the allied forces infiltrated as far as Anu’s fortress...

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    We’ve finally made it to Anu’s fortress. We’ve lost a lot of good units. Anu’s advance guard is coming out of the fortress. As the main forces, we have to save our strength. This isn’t the end of the fighting. If the enemy sends out their advance guard, it’s better to intercept them with our own advance guard. We, the main forces, will wait behind the advance guard. And be ready to jump into battle in case they get pushed back. We may not match their fighting power, but we’ll just have to trust Hwarang. If we back down here, the people will end up suffering again. Think of yourselves as shields protecting the people and don’t back down.

    Civilization Era rubies
    I’m the adjutant who helps you, my lord. The basis of national power is military power. So it seems like you should start by developing your military power. Let’s go to the hack shop and get new soldiers. Don’t worry about the cost. Normally, you need ruby and gold to run a civilization. But since you just started, i have hacked all of the resources you will need to adjust to your duties. However keep in mind that the same soldier can not be registered on slot.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: you need to summon units in order to fight. Touch the icon on the bottom left hand side to summon units. Summoned units will bravely charge to fight the enemy so they don’t need any further instructions. According to the composition of enemy soldiers, it will be easy to defeat them with slingshot warrior and ivory hammer. If you’re not used to doing this, another good idea is to use the auto battle button on the top right. You haven’t forgotten about one other important thing, right? YOu will lose if the time limit runs out, so be careful.


    YOu can easily stop plundering from enemy civilizations if you upgrade your castle gate. You can join guilds once you reach level 20. Create the ultimate guild with the help of guild members. Archer type units deal 50% more damage and take 50% less damage against magic type characters. Soldiers can be more powerful through hacking, cheating, upgrading and promotion. Upgrading refers to fusing the main unit with another material unit in order to boost its level.

    Civilization Era hacked

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