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    . Blade Reborn cheat free code list - refinement stone, constitution, gold, fortitude pill, diamonds, wing, pet, fortitude, level up.
    Blade Reborn cheat world: the land of the seal always makes me feel a bit uneasy. You can only get out after defeating the lord of Seal on this level! be careful! There’s a lot of monsters. Use skill to eliminate them. Indeed, the seal has been broken, monsters are getting frenzied. As the seal loosens, monsters get stronger when they reach closer to the broken seal. This will be extremely dangerous. You are on your own! I’ll send you back safely after the seal is completed.


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    When rage is full, tap ultimate to release a powerful skill. Main attacks can increase rage quickly. Constitution and fortitude are restored every eight minutes. Hack higher level crystals to receive richer rewards in fortune raider. Prizes for arena, PvP, cheats and team tournament will be sent at midnight. Playing the game in power saving mode may adversely affect gameplay.

    Blade Reborn cheats android, ios hack codes


    Characters: bloodthirsty berserker - they are strong warriors and good at melee attack. Magic bow elven - elves are fast and good at range attack. Shadow assassin - the silent assassins always five a fatal blow to the target.
    Skills: greatsword cut - jumps into air, and wields the large sword to hit towards the ground, dealing damage to enemies within 10 meters and levitating them. Fury - charges the energy into the big sword and releases sword continuously towards 10-meters cone area ahead, dealing damage to the target and inflicting levitation.
    Blade Reborn gems
    Rage - deals sustained damage to targets within 6 meters and levitates them. Ice hammer - summons icicle twice in a rectangle area in the front. Get yourself super armor during release period. Only main attacks and few skills can reduce the target’s parry break value.
    Note: get a higher rank in world boss to receive richer rewards. Manual - this toggles auto combat. Set it to use your main skill or all skills.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: fortify, refine, cheating and temper your equipment to increase your might. Ultimate - this is a powerful skill. YOu need to have enough rage to cast it. Wings make your appearance cooler. Upgrade wings to change their appearance. Cross server teams cannot get first slaying on the server. Join a guild to make more friends and receive rewards from guild events. Equip your pet to the main or secondary weapon to increase battle effect.


    Pets respawn in the wild. Please pay attention to the respawn area and time. Get a higher rank in world boss to receive richer rewards. Feast to increase constitution at 12:00 - 14:00 every day. However, the main array of the seal is at level 3 of the underground. When a boss’s parry has been broken, you can unleash attacks without fear of reprisal. You need to equip two weapons to switch.

    Blade Reborn hacked

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    1. QsEGbOO9QLUvYEc - refinement stone
    2. aQTAqgeyIstHOkC - constitution
    3. 2hKMWH1NmyDDiqG - gold
    4. Ede18fRzvstChWO - fortitude pill
    5. bt0198rYU6fIR7O - diamonds
    6. P3CKnuaDwEPqoAW - wing
    7. 00mDwh3HOCGTClM - pet
    8. AgYX2Y1QMcY8Ko7 - fortitude
    9. Eo66s5ZLPlxmvSb - level up
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