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    . Sticks Legends cheat free code list - artifact, upgrade, treasure box, souls, pets, diamonds, evolve, legendary gear, month card, overlord vip, novice pack, thor, hero ticket< gold.
    Sticks Legends cheat Ninja Warriors world: our homeland completely destroyed. The shadow woods is being encroached by the devil power. I have strong power but do not know how to control it. I have to learn to control my own body before going to battle. Slide direction to achieve movement operation. Click skills to attack enemies within fire range. Click move to escape attack, speed up or find a better attack direction. Increase combat power through more practice.


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    Skills: tremor boxing - fast strike the land twice, cause damage to enemies and may paralyze. Illusion boxing - produce boxing shadow with a fast speed. Piercing flame - powerful torrid rays, cause attack 812% damage and may ignite enemies.

    Sticks Legends cheats android, ios hack codes


    Brutal tower - the guard place of primary demons. They gather here in groups to protect the collected demon spirit. Despite the limited number they collected they are positive in their work. Magic gunman - primary skeleton soldiers from the death abyss have little intelligence. Because they can fight tirelessly, they are used by the domons group to attack the peaceful world.
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    Hero Sticks Legends: Yue Ganji - she is from a traditional warrior family, but rarely has anyone seen her face. legend has that when she is in front of you, you can only see clearly her knife that moves towards you. Remilia - the knights have exquisite sword skills that can attack and defense in the battlefield. Goxa - the barbarian soldier in the deserted land have a strong body after years’ battle with monsters. This enables him to sweep out enemies with his powerful weapons.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: if you don’t have enough unit slots, you’ll have to upgrade your barracks and open some new unit slots. If you upgrade your barracks, you can increase the maximum summoning cost as well as the charge speed of summoning cost. Barrier totem - it is not able to break barrel totem with archer type soldiers. It is effective to use melee soldiers. Efficient removal of obstacles displayed during battle is also the core of the strategy!


    We have to choose our civilization and make sure of our position. Civilization is our identity. You can choose one of three civilizations: Asia, europe, and America. Each has not only the appearance of the village, but also heroes and soldiers. Europe - a mythical and beautiful civilization which has spent ages trying to approach the ancient gods. Asia - sprawling across a vast territory and encompassing many people with colorful and refined tales. America - a mysterious civilization where adventurous pioneers and rough natives coexist.

    Sticks Legends Ninja Warriors hacked

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    4. kfrXENeaUYnRPqC - souls
    5. UB2EYe3fpoGlcf9 - treasure box
    6. CpLDnSUwZsbUjn9 - pets
    7. P2fjUJa0J4nnTL0 - diamonds
    8. DsF3RE6GSCyBDKL - evolve
    9. S4IYwRINvbRNr4v - legendary gear
    10. Gs8f3O0Cd2oasGV - moneth card
    11. MeGnAHPCjoLCXaV - overlord vip
    12. 0fz171xIU0gQ8L3 - novice pack
    13. GmhTpdOpuflYpVU - hero ticket
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