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    MMA Manager 2018 cheat world: The aim of the game is to run a successful MMA gym with fighters winning titles in the big global promotions. Running a successful MMA Fight Team can be an expensive business. Make money by winning fights, attracting sponsors, and completing objectives. If you are more than $100,000 in debt the end of the year you may have to close down your Gym. Remember you can access help for a screen by clicking ? in the top left corner and a breakdown of your monthly costs by tapping the monthly costs in the top right corner.


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    Looks like your opponent is quite good with kicks huh? It’s important to be prepared for what’s coming. Don’t give up, let’s take our revenge. You can clearly see a high percentage of KO, and successful kicks. Let’s head over to our fighter. Fighters skills - he’s good with punches and takedowns. However, he’s lacking a good kick defense. Gameplan - having low strike defense is risky but keeps our initiative to attack. We must surprise him.

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    Your items generate prestige, and with more prestige you get more members. This is one of the bigger gyms, which supports a lot of members, but is harder to maintain. Keep collecting prestige to increase the reputation. To find out what trainings an item supports open the information and read the training description. Trainings allowed - this info indicates what trainings an item support. Bottom - this indicated your items other capabilities, time reductions and prestige generation.
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    This is your new gym, it’s not a mansion, but at least something to start with. YOu get to keep your recruited fighter, you can find him in the roster menu. Professional punching bag - deluxe installment of the industry standard model. This exclusive punching bag is made with real wagyu leather. Uppercut bag - serves it’s purpose and might break if you hit it too hard. free standing Dummy - cheap free standing dummy, if it’s hit too hard it falls over. So not completely free standing.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: Change your desired transition to all in takedowns. The plan is to take our opponent to the ground where he can’t kick. Let me show you how to recruit fighters. Shop - this is a list of all my current fighters. Choose a character to recruit. Shape your fighter by selecting a few attributes and skills. Click and you will find information to the left.


    Ground grappling - increase your fighters ability to transition and keeping positions on the ground. Takedown - increase your ability and chance to takedown your opponent through a variety of transitions. Punches - increases the success with punches, uppercuts and crosses for example. Bench press - worn out bench press that might give you splinters if you lay down too quickly.

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