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    BLOODY WEST cheat world: welcome, i will help you find your way around here. First of all , we should rebuild the saloon. You should continue to gradually expand your town. The easiest way is using the build menu. Before a fight starts, you can distribute your units at will. YOu start the fight by pressing the fight button. I have already prepared something. YOu can leave most screens using the X in the upper right corner. I think we’ve made our point clear.


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    You can recruit new cowboys in the sidebar. You can switch between the map and your own town using the button in the bottom right corner. And should you not know what to do, you can always find me in the sidebar. I virtually always have work for you. Drugstore - you can get everything you need here. As part of the promotion your cowboys were restored to full manpower.

    BLOODY WEST cheats android, ios hack codes


    Buildings: saloon - your saloon level determines which buildings you can build and to what extent. Furthermore, it unlocks the different unit types. Hotel -you can recruit men for your attacks here. You can start a new business in farmington. You may transport 10 lumber to your timber trader. Dodge city country is taboo for you. If you tried to gain a foothold in Dodge city alone, you’d burn your fingers. Join a gang or establish your own to explore this feature.
    BLOODY WEST gold
    Your men need to be better than all the others. That’s why you need to train them. You’ll need to upgrade your shooting range to earn points for the training. Profile - here you can change your avatar> hack cheats and your name. Find your personal style. have fun customizing your avatar. On hack purchase, you immediately receive 1250 coins and on top of that you can collect 75 coins every day for 30 days.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: cheats will help its members and succeed in the battles of dodge city with combined power. You should add credentials to your account. YOu will be able to play the game on multiple devices and to restore your account in case you change or reset your device. Doctor - you live in troubled and leaded times. The doctor reduces the damage taken by your deputies.


    Hideout - this inconspicuous hiding place protect a part of your stored goods and money in case of an attack. The protected portion increases with each level. Attorney's office - if you want to create your own family or join an existing one, you need a lawyer that makes sure your organization appears to be legal.

    BLOODY WEST hacked

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    . VIViIlfFqDuDTXx - manpower
    2. I8ZL3DAc0iNgGDB - gold coins
    3. sCVht8VoSFY4Z6H - points
    4. 8dKYDaYVLN5NdvZ - premium items
    5. 8lSGWAKwzvpdlTx - booster
    6. Xwq7AaSXXZG6O0u - cowboys
    7. lGfI0yzIJRcsGge - speed up
    8. c13eqCnLtOj316m - upgrade
    9. fZdvJCBUubw4mHd - level up
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