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    Jelly Defense cheat world: greetings, young one! It would seem to me like you need some basic training. If you think otherwise feel free to skip the practice and proceed to the next level. Very well. Can you see those shiny green gems? They are our most precious treasure. For unknown reasons the invaders are after them. You have to save the crystals or we will be doomed. Oh, look! Here comes the enemy!


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    Quickly! Build a defensive tower on that spot over there. This tower will fire at every enemy but it might not be enough for bigger monsters. I bet they didn’t expect such a resistance. Pick up the coins from the ground. We will need a lot of them if we are to defend ourselves against the invasion. The last wave was rather easy, but one tower will not be enough when more enemies attack. I can see another free tower place over there. Build another one of those towers in there.

    Jelly Defense cheats android, ios hack codes


    An icon will appear if you see a new monster for the first time. Tap the icon to see some informations about the new enemy. Something relevant might be found in there. Crazy Jelly daddy looks rather innocent. But beware of him. He likes to spawn large groups of mini jellies. This monster spawns its minions in tight groups. I advise building a tower designed specially for situations like this. Our universal towers may have insufficient firepower to deal with these bad blue jellies.

    Jelly Defense gold
    Fortunately we have a solution ready for that. A blue machine gun tower. But wait! What’s this? We don’t have enough money to build it. Luckily we can sell some previously constructed towers or hack cheats code. Open the tower menu, then hold the sell button until the transaction bar fills up. So far so good. Did you notice how the red tower fell asleep? It means it will not target the blue enemies. Likewise the blue tower will not shoot at the red monsters.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: you can upgrade your tower to increase its battle performance. To use a power up drag its icon onto the battlefield. Groundshaker - shake the ground under the feet of your enemies. Super sonic hedgehog - meet the fastest of enemy units. Blue towers with rapid fire might prove effective on this one. Inventor tree - use it to invent new types of defensive towers. Tap and hold it to view the towers available to invent and select one.


    Our orbital defensive forces are shooting down the kiwi halvas from the sky. The falling kiwi halvas’ pieces should drop somewhere around the place where you dropped the icon. Coins can fall into pits and water. Upgrade your towers. Things may not be so easy in the real battle, but i see you have what it takes to lead our forces and defend the diploglobe.
    Jelly Defense hacked

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