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    Dungeon & Heroes cheat world: a huge storm destroyed everything on the sea, including your ship. You woke up and found yourself on an unknown beach. Everyone on the ship is missing except an assistant and a servant. Wait, your assistant seems to find something. A path! Master, it means there must be people living here! Shall we try our luck and take the path? Bottom is your hero slots, where all arrayed heroes appear. Hero who reaches the end of the progress bar above is able to launch an attack.


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    We can fix it up and make it our base before we go on to explore the land. We need more gold to repair the castle. I find a tax office here. We may be able to make some gold there (or hack cheats code). You can upgrade the tax office level and player level, occupy more wild buildings to get more taxes.Click quick task notice to claim the rewards directly when you complete the tasks. We’re running out of wood. We need more workers. Maybe we can build cottages to accommodate vagrants nearby and have them work for us.

    Dungeon & Heroes cheats android, ios hack codes


    You can upgrade the cottage, occupy the wild buildings and join the events to increase the population. Logging camp - you can assign workers here. there is a mysterious altar in this castle. let’s go and see if we could get something useful - two mystery chests. Our team is growing. It’s time to upgrade the heroes and get ready for the exploring. We are short of stone and iron. The workers say that there is a quarry and an iron mone nearby. We’d better check it out.

    Dungeon & Heroes gold
    Follow the guide, find the shining target on the map. Master, we need more workers. Shall we upgrade the cottage to accommodate more vagrants to work for us? Remember to keep all the workers at their posts. Now we can hack equipments with gold and materials. You can check equipments’ fixed attributes and their range here, as well as random attributes and skills. Only high quality equipments have random attributes and skills.

    Dungeon & Heroes secret code hack tips

    Tip, android gameplay secrets: decompose equipment to recycle some resources. Collect hero fragments to summon or promote heroes. Remember to get all the chest when exploring the dungeons. Energy bar full, tap the hero to release skill. Tap “auto” to have heroes release skills automatically when the energy bar is full. Master, it seems true the castle is abandoned.


    Keys are required to open wild chests, check the buildings or monsters around. Narrow cave - only 3 heroes are allowed to battle here, make your choice carefully. Hack version - cheats: gold, resources, energy, population, value pack, keys, hero fragments, wild chests, upgrade, forge, treasure, level up, diamonds crystal.
    Dungeon & Heroes hacked

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    1. g6c5cHe99UyEgTT - diamonds
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    3. ncEuwyP4rII19Ns - resources
    4. K0fkUAs3hXRPb0x - energy
    5. B5PgO7j1HyNfCP6 - population
    6. sMwjDNXot16Dayu - value pack
    7. UtJmPdWPVvBYFUi - keys
    8. iSP1Vn3SEMMlkNP - hero fragments
    9. t2wmqcl9w1qwNqP - wild chests
    10. 4RobbcxqJfw3uWo - upgrade
    11. 6ooH5yy0gnodW3s - forge
    12. DKaI29sMWN13TNf - mystery treasure
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