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    Ultimate General cheat world: business - after finishing your army career you established a company. Your business was very successful and you made a lot of money. Army - after the American Mexican war you continued to serve the army. As an experienced military officer you were appointed a militia governor in your state. politics - when you left the army you continued to build your career as a politician. being highly educated and skillful in managing people helped you o become a congressman.


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    Artillery - you were an artillery officer and participated in Northern Mexico campaign. Your skills to select proper position and organize the defense saved the situation in the battle of Buena Vista. Infantry - you were an infantry officer and fought in battle of Monterrey. You were distinguished for your successful leadership during the assault of the town. Cavalry - you were a cavalry officer and took part in Scott’s invasion. Your valuable reconnoitering and capturing of enemy soldiers played major role in the outcome of the conflict.

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    Confederate - the country is divided! It was a tough call but you decided to join the Confederate states of America and defend your homeland. The high spirit of the SOutherners will help you raise an unbreakable army and win the war. union - the southern states have declared a secession from the United States. You support the abolition of slavery so you have no other choice but to support the union. You will have almost endless resources to raise a powerful army and crush the rebellion.

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    Colonel Civil War - we understand that you don’t have much experience and this is why your enemies will have reduced strength and you’ll receive more recruits and gold is aid for your quest. Brigadier General - you are a confident general and you don’t need additional support or assist of any kind. Big challenge awaits you and you’re up for the fight. Major general - you are a legendary general and you always want to battle against overwhelming odds! Your enemies will be slightly stronger and you’ll receive less recruits and gold, but your fame will rise faster.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: our main objective is to secure this small town and its railroad station. According to our scouts, the garrison should not exceed 300 soldiers. We must capture the town before Rebel reinforcements arrive via railroad. It’s advised to use your vanguard to clear the town’s perimeter from skirmishers or other threats. The rest of your forces are en route and will arrive from southwest. Assault the town when all your forces are present. YOur general provides valuable command bonuses to units inside his command radius. Increasing their morale and effectiveness.


    Ranged attack is affected from equipped weapon and units skills, but also from target’s distance, altitude and ground cover.Charge is a very strong tactical choice to clear an area from enemies due to its melee bonuses. Charge also spends more condition than other actions and makes your units vulnerable to gun fire. logistics - one of the worst things that can happen during battle is to run out of ammo. Logistics reduce this possibility because it increases the starting ammo of all your units. Reconnaissance helps you to know the following about your enemy. Medicine - finding new recruits is now always easy, so the ability to restore your army is a vital skill. Medicine increases the amount of casualties that get healed after a battle.
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