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    Total War Warhammer cheat world (warriors of chaos) : the chaos gods have many names and aspects. For most in the old world who are aware of such things, they are Khorne - the Blood God; Treentch - the arch-manipulator; Nurgle - the lord of decay and Slanesh - the dark prince of chaos. These ruinous power have many mortal worshippers, most of which hail from the far north of Norsca and beyond. Their armies are legion, made up of barbarous Chaos Marauders and Chaos warriors - particularly ruthless and bloody fighters gifted with arcane suits of all encompassing armour, accompanied by a mass of mind fraying creatures.


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    These hordes can be raiders that cross the icy seas in longships, large armies that raze entire cities, or full scale invasions where entire nations quake in fear, convinced the End times are upon them. And quite possibly they are, for now is the time of the three eyed king. Archaon the everchosen gathers his countless servants, who are ready at their lord’s whispered commands to bring doom to all.

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    Faction mechanics: horde - the faction has no settlements. Infrastructure and military improvements are linked to each individual chaos horde. Corruption: chaos corruption can be spread in enemy territory, leading to public order problems and even chaos rebellions.
    Play style - strong unit roster with armoured infantry and monsters.Severely limited missile options. Strong diplomatic penalties with almost all factions. Cannot trade. Economy is heavily reliant on sacking , raiding and battle loot.
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    You have slumbered long, Shaggoth. Arise, mighty Kholek - it is time to bring ruin to the earthly realms. You shall go into the lands of the mortals to spread fear and destruction. The Norse tribes to the west shall fall easily before you: bring those willing to join your cause, and slay the rest. Further to the south lie the nations of men. They will resist your advance, and for good reason. You will bring them annihilation, mighty lord. Devour the mortal souls to bring the favour of the chaos gods. March forth, and spread oblivion in their name.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: A unit’s type broadly defines its capabilities, strengths and weaknesses. Mounted units, for example, are generally swift but vulnerable against spear weapons. Increase stats (hack cheats): armor, leadership, speed, melee attack, defense, weapon strength, charge bonus, ammunition, range, missile damage. Chaos marauders are the rank and file of chaos armies, perfectly placed in the centre of battle, bloodied weapon in hand.


    Tricks: Stance: encamp - sets up a defensive camp, allowing for building construction, recruitment and replenishment, regardless of territory. Garrison details - view the composition of this settlement’s garrison, a local force that will defend the settlement in battle. The main settlement chain building can be upgraded to a higher level than in minor settlements, providing up to a total of six building slots. Additionally, walls will always be present in battle.
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