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    Ghost Recon Wildlands cheat world: i am not a liar. I have killed thousands. I have fed more drugfriends than the top three pharmaceutical companies combined. I have stolen children from parents, wives from husbands, wiped out entire generations. But lying - that i have never done. The rest are offenses against humanity. Lying is an offense against yourself. I am the head of the Santa Blanca organization, which you call a cartel. I had a dream. I dreamed of a land where we could grow our own coca, produce our own cocaine. Where we could run our business free from interference from the police, the government, the army, the Yanquis.


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    I my dream, a woman’s voice asked me - what if you had your own country? Like Moses - i led my people to the promised land - Bolivia. We came here. We bought the coca fields. What we couldn’t buy, we took. We bought the police, the military, the judges, the politicians. We were on the verge of becoming the government itself, on the razor’s edge from fulfilling my dream - of creating a narco state. The nation of Santa Blanca.

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    Story news: last week, a crude explosive detonated outside the US embassy in La Paz, Bolivia. Two marine embassy guards were injured in the blast. Two days later, a CIA asset is the central Bolivia provided us with these images. Our analysts have identified the individual in the photos as DEA - special agent Ricaro “Ricky” Sandoval. Sandoval had spent the last six years investigating the local cocaine industry. Our understanding is that Sandoval was the intended target the bombing. What the embassy bomb did not accomplish, was completed up close and personal. Sandoval was captured, tortured, and killed. Then his body was dumped. We have yet to recover it. Our target, the group responsible for the embassy bombing and the death of special agent Sandoval, is the drug trafficking, organization commonly known as the Santa Blanca cartel. Yesterday they were just narcos. Today, they’re narco-terrorists.
    Ghost Recon Wildlands multiplayer
    Take time to mark enemies and their defenses, use the drone and binoculars. Aim a target and press X to sync mark it. Shoot or hold X to initiate the sync shot. In coop, sync marks help you prepare your assault. Stealth: pres AA o use your handgun. For a stealthy approach, pres O to crouch and hold O to prone. Detection arrows indicate who is spotting you.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: weapon skill: stable aim - adds stability while using a sniper scope. Hit fire spread - reduces buller spray when firing weapons without aiming. Grenade launcher - is an optional underbarrel attachment for specific weapons. Equip it in gunsmith. Drone skills: battery - increase the autonomy of the drone. Speed - increases the speed and maneuverability of your drone. Night vision - allows the drone to see in low light conditions. Range - increases the drone’s horizontal signal range.


    Tricks: operation kingslayer: recon the countryside for gear, skill points, hack cheats and bonus medals. Level up to gain more skill points. Conduct supply raids to gain the necessary supplies to unlock skills. Rebel forces: completer rebel ops to unlock support skills and promote rebel forces. An increased presence level indicates that more rebels are in Bolivia. Each type of rebel op hack cheats is linked to a support skill, allowing you to unlock that skill and upgrade its power and cooldown. Santa Blanca cartel: recon provinces to gather intel on local bouchons. Eliminate these buchons to get to the ops heads. Work your way through two over four ops heads to reach El Sveto, Neutralizing buchons gives you the chance to gain skill points and special rewards.
    Ghost Recon Wildlands hacked

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