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    Pacific Rim Breach Wars cheat world: thank goodness you are here! We need a skilled marshal to help us kill this Kaiju! let me remind you how this works. You’ll need to break gems to power the Jeeger’s attacks. Go ahead and give it a shot. Matching gems will do damage. The lower your opponent’s health the easier they are to dominate. Breaking 4 gems clears an entire row! Remember that, it will save your life one day.


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    You broke enough gems to dominate monsters! I think you have potential. With a bit of work you could be our next great Marshal. Match some gems and activate your Jaeger’s special abilities. When your ability is charged - tap it to activate. Your abilities will do dame and make it easier to dominate your opponents. Use them whenever they are charged.

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    Firmware upgrades are required to level up your Jaegers. When you level up a Jaeger, its Gem damage and health increase.This is the domination meter. Breaking gems and moving the meter all the way to your opponent’s side will dominate them. But domination can cut both ways! You have 3 chances to escape. You can also dominate your opponents with an execution move.
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    Sentinels lend to have high health and can use special abilities to heal themselves. It is easier to escape a domination if your characters are still healthy. Your jaeger’s class is weak against your opponent’s class? Tap on the class icon for more details! Switch in a hero with the correct class. Matching 5 of the same gems gives you an extra turn! Discover all the 5 match possibilities.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: always check to make sure that your Jaegers are healed up before a match. Vanguard manipulate the gem board and use their assassination abilities to dominate. Characters can get out of injury using faction help, by paying platinum, hack cheats code, or by waiting. The amount of damage to escape is determined by damage that put you into the domination state.


    Tricks: Looks like you are well on your way. Fill your Hangar, upgrade your Jaegers, and hunt down Kaiju. Face new challenges in the Kaiju War! Level up your Jaegers in Hangar! Repair your Jaegers before matches! Get new Jaegers in the depot! Use research tokens to upgrade your abilities. Marauders cause trouble with Bleed, Leech and weaken gem moves.
    Pacific Rim Breach Wars hacked

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