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    Mount & Blade Warband cheat world: to begin your training use the WASD keys to walk to the position indicated by the pointers arrow. You can use the mouse to look around, all the better to spot the french with. Hold down the left mouse button to aim your musket and use your mouse to change the direction of your aim. Note that mushkets are somewhat unpredictable, or more to the point, frightfully inaccurate. Once you are happy with your arm, you may proceed to let go of the left mouse button in order to fire.


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    To reload, click the left mouse button and wait for you character to finish reloading - it will take a couple of seconds so be patient. Remember though, you cannot move while reloading. Once you feel that you have gotten the hang of it, you may move on the next area on the left. There are times in battle when it is preferable to get up close and personal with old Frenchie, and that is why your mushker is equipped with a bayonet. However, your mushket is currently in firing mode: to use the bayonet you need to change to melee mode. The button to toggle between the modes is X. But, you do not have to stand up all the time, you can also crouch.

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    Since you are also in melee mode you can see that your character is bracing his bayonet. This is very effective against frontal cavalry attacks. Rise up to continue. To do so, either press Z again or simply use any of the movement keys. Now onto attacking and defending. To attack, press the left mouse button while moving the mouse in the direction you wish to attack. Your bayoneted musket only has two direction: up and down. Other weapons may have other directions. Swords, for example, have four attack directions: up, down, left and right.
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    To release your attack, let go of the left mouse button. Defense works in a similar fashion. Hold the right mouse button while moving the mouse in the direction you wish to block. All weapons can block in all four directions. make sure you are blocking your enemy’s attack from the right direction, or the frogs will make quick work of you. Now that you have mastered the basics of infantry combat, we will move on to cavalry. You have been given some rather splendidly polished equipment and a magnificent horse. To mount said horse, walk up to it and press T.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: So you have mounted up? Excellent. To move while mounted you will maintain the use of the WASD keys, but the basic of movement if slightly different: W will increase your speed and S will decrease it.; while A and D will turn your horse. By moving the mouse you may look around - but doing so will not automatically turn the horse. It is time to do some horseback shooting. See those targets in the distance? Shooting on horseback is very similar to shooting on foot, so use what you have learned before to hit any one of the targets. You have missed! Do not worry through, you can reload and try again, just as before. But remember, the rule that you have to be still while firing counts on horseback as well. You can try again, once you have loaded your firearm.


    Tricks Mount & Blade Warband: you can leave any location instantly by pressing the tab key. Just like shooting on horseback is similar to fighting on foot. So ride alongside those dummies and destroy them. Try to hit them while maintaining movement , as standing still takes takes away your advantage in speed and maneuverability. If you time your strikes right, you can hit the enemy and be well away before the blighter even knows he is dead.
    There are three main types of ammunition: round shot is a multi=purpose shot that is especially useful against buildings: canister shots release a hail of grapeshot that kills anyone right in front of the cannon, but it is notoriously ineffective at hitting long range targets; Explosive shells are extremely effective against enemy troops, as they explode sending metal fragments flying in all directions. Explosive shells however, are not available for standard cannons.
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