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    Fable Fortune cheat world: lynchball league - there’s a new violent sport sweeping Albion, put together your own team and win the league. Play 3 units with more strength than health.Albion’s got magic - you have entered the yearly “Albion’s got magic” conjuring competition, show off your skills to the judges. The money pit - the Pit is falling into disrepair. Invest heavily to improve the spectacle for all.


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    Units and magic: Brandish - give a unit +1 strength, then set its health to be equal to its strength. Strength of death - deal 3 damage to all units. big entrance - this unit does something when you play it from your hand. last laugh - this unit does something when it dies. Rush - can attack immediately. Voice of Skorm - deal 1 damage to your opponent for each other friendly unit. Exhume - summon a 1/1 crumbling corpse with rush that dies at the end of turn.

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    Characters: temple - the gravedigger’s daughter, always left strangely comfortable among the tombstones. So when her father died, taking up the shoved and following in his footsteps was the obvious choice. Yet her dreams now because haunted by a strange voice from beyond. Never short on courage, she followed the ethereal call to an ancient tomb: the forgotten ancestral crypt of her family, and the last resting place of her great grandfather, Norman the necromancer. Well - his skull, at leat. Norman agreed to work with Temple on two conditions: firstly, that she would help out of this tomb; and secondary, that she would help him to change Albion forever. His evil plan is to reduce it to hellish ruins but, as long as he’s strapped to Temple’s shovel, the choice is hers...
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    Knight (Marshal) - one time pig farmer turned sworn protector of the realm. Noble, forthright, and a master of the pitchfork. Marshal serves as an inspiration to peasants and porcine enthusiasts across Albion. Strengths: (summoning peasants, increasing strength). Shapeshifter (Red Greta)- young Greta listened as the village doctor gravely pronounced her grandmother’s death, citing the likely cause as a combination of old age and massive wolf related injuries. Dealing damage, stunning enemies.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: guard - enemy attacks must target guarding units. Last laugh - heal your hero and your opponent for 5. Redcap strabber - after your opponent takes damage, gain +1 strength. Wise spellweaver - draw a card. Slicer 0 deal damage to all damaged units. Debt collector - after this deal damage to a unit and survives, add a gold piece to your hand. Cast away - shuffle an enemy unit into your opponent’s deck.


    Tricks Fable Fortune: hunger for knowledge - destroy a friendly units, draw two cards. Reanimate - give a unit “last laugh” - resummon this unit. Alchemist Miracle - the grand duchess of draughts, distiller of destiny, and magnificent mixer of medicines. Gather round as Alblon’s pioneer of potions creates tantalizing tonics before your very eyes.
    Fable Fortune hacked

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