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    Metal gear survive cheat world: once there was an army led by the legendary mercenary big boss. An army that belonged to no nation. The year was 1875. Several months had passed since the peace walker incident. Under the guise of a nuclear inspection by the IAEA. Big Boss’s base of operations, mother base, was attacked by OF, the covert strike force of the American private intelligence agency known as Cipher. At the time, Big Boss was away from mother base, on a mission to rescue two individuals - one a member of his unit, the other an old enemy.


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    Despite their leader’s absence, the soldiers of Mother base put up a fierce resistance. However, when Big boss returned, the base was engulfed in flames. Retreat was the only option. The actions of Big boss’s forces enabled him and his second in command, Miller, to get away. What they left behind a base in ruins, and a sea of bodies...

    Metal gear survive cheats android, ios hack codes


    You’ll need to procure all weapons and equipment on-site for mission, same goes for food. To enter the gates of hell, you had to shed everything. I’m monitoring your status over comms via the wormhole. Oh, guess i never introduced myself< call me cheat-on. Your life and stamina are always displayed. Your life goes down when you take damage, and if it reaches zero it’s game over. Your stamina goes down when you perform actions such as sprinting and crawling. If it reaches zero your mobility decreases significantly. Your life will recover to its upper limit if you remain still temporarily or hack cheats. Your stamina will recover if you stop performing stamina actions.
    Metal gear survive support box
    Press X wherever action icons appear to perform movement actions such as navigating higher ground and climbing over fences. Also, you can hold X to automatically perform movement actions as needed while you move. The gunfire will probably attract other wanderers. The monsters you encountered are called wanderers. i’ll spare you the details, but they were once human like you and i. Until they were infected by some unknown lifeform, which turned them into what you saw.

    Metal gear survive secret code hack tips

    Tip, android gameplay secrets: workbench for crafting basic weaponry. A great number of resources items exist in the field. They may be simply lying around, or you may have to destroy an object first. All sorts of things ‘wash up” in dite from other dimensions. Some of them will help you complete your mission, so go on - don’ be shy. When you approach a resource item that can be picked up, or an object that can be destroyed,the name of that item or the material you can obtain will be displayed. To open a crafting menu, access the facility that corresponds to what you want to craft.


    Metal gear survive tricks: select craft to create something new, or customize to alter an existing item in various ways. To craft something, you need the required type and amount of materials, as well as Kuban energy (KUB). Creatures have a sense of sight, and they’ll approach a figure that they see. If they definitively identify you as a target, they’ll attack you. We know that wanderers can see as well as hear. If you enter their field of vision or make a loud noise, that’s when they attack. Stay low, and move slowly. However, creatures won’t discover you, even if you’re within their field of vision, if you’re hiding behind an object. Even if you’re noticed, if you lower your stance before you’re identified as a target, you can evade detection.
    Metal gear survive hacked
    Metal gear survive gameplay: creatures also have a sense of hearing. When they hear a noise, they’ll approach the location where the noise came from. You create noise when you move. The faster you move, the more noise you make. The only time you don’t make noise when you move is when you crawl. Creatures react to whichever noise is loudest. If a creature has responded to noise you made, you can distract it with a louder noise. However, this doesn’t work against a creature that’s already combative. When you sense an enemy information about them appears on the threat ring. You’ll know their status, and in which direction they are located. Take advantage of this to avoid any unwanted attention.
    Metal gear survive tutorial
      Metal gear survive Tutorial:
    • With the backstabber skill, you attack the enemy where it’s the most vulnerable. Backstabber is powerful enough to kill an enemy if it’s unaware of you when you use it. As you can use backstabber to eliminate an enemy before it becomes combative, it allows you to take down enemies without alerting others. Use it well, and you can quietly wipe out an entire group of enemies one by one.

    • You can view information on your status and equipment at the personal screen. During the game, your hunger and thirst continually increase, as represented by your hunger and thirst levels. be sure to eat or drink when you become hungry or thirsty. Your maximum life is proportional is your hunger, and your maximum stamina is proportional to your hirst. Always keep an eye on these levels.

    • On the personal screen metal gear survive cheats hack, you can also check the total weight of your current equipment and items you’re carrying. If you exceed the maximum weight you can carry, your mobility will decrease in proportion to the amount you’re over, such as you not being able to sprint or run.

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    7. YLeayjTsPfGzlet - food
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    10. C6MJljBWXrRRYug - multiplayer
    11. 2qPIJCU2Y8yI8oT - wiki pdf
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