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    Space Wars Interstellar Empires cheat world: greetings captain, here you will learn the combat interface to command your ship. You are now in control of swordfish destroyer, a powerful workhorse of the sol imperial Navy. Left click or hover the mouse on your ship. Take note of your ship statistics: hull integrity, engines and crew. To view your ship from any angle you like, hold the right mouse button and move your mouse. To zoom in and out of the battlefield, use your scroll wheel. Try moving your ship. Select a space, and left click for your ship to travel there. You can also use keyboard shortcuts for precision movement.


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    Take note of obstacles such as Planets, moon and asteroids. You cannot travel through them, and they can block your line of sight in combat. When there are no enemies present, you are in free fight mode, moving around in real time. If an enemy enters the region, the game switches to turn based mode. At the bottom of your screen’s user interface are power bars for your weapons, in this case the swordfish destroyer has a wide array of lasers on forward, port, and starboard arcs. If your mouse over a weapon, you can see the area it covers, highlighted in yellow. It also gives you information about accuracy, range and potential damage of the weapon.

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    Your ship is also equipped with powerful force fields, which help reduce damage from incoming weapons. You cannot fire on an enemy until you have detected them. Your scanners help identify an enemy target at range. Try powering up your scanners by left clicking the bars, and bringing them to full strength of 12 power. You can also left click and drag the power up and down. As you charge up any system, it draws power away from the total engine output, which also reduces how many movement points you will have available in combat. Also notice the turn bar above, showing what enemies are present in the map. It also will indicate what players have ended their allocation round.
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    The allocation phase lasts for a maximum of 60 seconds or until all players and AI have finished their orders. The combat phase - where ships get to move and fire their weapons based on what they have charged. SOl overload - can temporarily overpower a single weapon with improved damage. Lucky shot - with a mix of luck, is able to hit with a selected weapon at nearly any range. Range boost - has improved the distance of all the weapons in the ship. Accuracy - is experienced in battle, and has improved his skills to make a successful with warship weaponry. Damage boost - has improved the damage potential of all the weapons on the ship.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: intentionally, only scanners were charged, so you only have power to move your ship. Notice that you have 18 movement points. That means that you can move up to 18 spaces. Turning the ship also costs one movement. There is a mine behind that large moon, but even with your scanners, that moon is blocking your line of sight. So we want to get the ship positioned in a way that allows us to have a clear shot at the mine. Charge your missile launcher by left clicking on the power bar. Missiles charge with one click, and usually require 2 to 3 power to arm. They are very powerful in damage, but are less accurate.


    Space Wars Interstellar Empires tricks: badges are equippable items that give your heroes a stats boost. System damage - scaners, force fields, weapons and engineers all can be damaged by weapons fire. Engines can be damaged by hitting the enemy’s rear arc. Officer skill targeting can increase the chance of hitting a weapons system. Charge your laser by clicking the power bars. Lasers have variable charge, and do one damage per charge, but do cost more power overall. They do have improved accuracy over missile weapons however. Charge up your laser to full power. You can also use the number keys associated with each weapon to charge them.
    Space Wars Interstellar Empires hacked
    Space Wars Interstellar Empires Tutorial wiki: you can reduce power on your scanners to save energy, as you have detected the enemy already. Bring the power to scanners to zero. Notice that your ship gets to go first. Because your ship has higher initiative. Initiative is based on how many movement points you have this combat round. Left click on your missile weapon, then mouse over the mine. It will indicate the percent chance to hit in red. Left click on the yellow circle under the enemy mine to launch your missile.

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