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    Dead Maze cheat world: anyhow, you’re okay? Perfect timing there! I hope were worth the trouble cause i won’t risk my hide like that everyday! I mean, look at that! i’m pumping blood all over the place. Damn, i will use my bandana as temporary bandage but i will need something clean ASAP! I don’t want to survive the apocalypse just to fall to some stupid wound infection...I was headed towards Sacramento, we’ll find medical supplies there, you will help me, right?


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    in dead maze, most decorative items are pickable. Remember to observe your environment. For once, you find a pristine vending machine. Nobody touched it. it doesn’t happen every day to have so many choices. You hit the glass, it’s hard. You hit it again, again and again. The fifth attempt is the one. You break the glass, you can loot the contents. Unfortunately, the noise must have attracted the horde. Brace yourself!

    Dead Maze cheats android, ios hack codes


    Limited time events: first ever purchase bonus: your first ever purchase will give you tons more diamond than usual, make it count! First hack pack bonus: the first time you hack any given package from the store, you’ll also receive a big helping of bonus diamonds. Dash’s incredible deal: cheat any package during your first week and receive 30 legendary items, food, water. As a bonus, receive 10 level up experience.
    Dead Maze gift box
    Team level challenges: if you reach team level 10 in your first week, you’ll earn 500 diamonds and 20kk gold. We’re gifting you a different reward each day for your first seven days in site. Make sure to come back and collect them all.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: this game - is a zombie survival MMO, the story which is honestly forgettable for a number of reasons, begins with you car breaking down on a spooky stretch of highway with your two friends. On the way to an unspecified sports event naturally the zombie outbreak is beginning because of a massive tsunami that struck the East Coast and took out power for the whole eastern US. During this exact stretch of time the two people you’re traveling with filler friend and toxic girlfriend are dead before you even have time to learn their actual names.


    Dead Maze tricks: When civilization came crashing down. That’s when this feeling first struck me feeling like a prey nothing, but food for the vultures. Hunted, scared, always on the run, more. Now we fight. Yet starvation cannot be defeated with weapons, day after we had to go further for food. Taking more and more risks just to be barely fed and losing so much while doing so fighters fight...Survivors? They survive! We need to adapt. We need to build our future and shelter new survivors until we grow large enough to make a stand.
    Dead Maze hacked

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    1. 6EYAiZv6DANxqx0 - credits
    2. KbUUxDtOdHayYuh - water
    3. t7mjbvYsKDoSd7w - food
    4. FlDBFFzdzKxspCd - increase stats
    5. NmK3ly1mHOEUOFq - abilities
    6. rygiS4Ew6waoILx - gold
    7. XpYsszGosGWCpYS - legendary items
    8. r8qedwLML4TD4jp - weapon
    9. VnLoNytFnIMaYVH - ammo
    10. 8Z0QwQUrNnsyOMI - supplies
    11. EAcHif5iJyTwbZa - wiki
    12. aONMFLUQsNjabHG - craft resources
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