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    Devil and the Fairy cheat world: press a grip button of one controller and move your hand. Bring your right hand close to the crystal and pull the trigger to pick it up, then place it. Use the same gesture to take one creature. Touch the green ring on your left ring finger with your right index finger. Take a barricade and place it in the dungeon. Barricade - the safest way to reinforce your dungeon and to slow down enemies. This perfectly shaped structure adorns your dungeon.


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    Destroy barrels, boxes and jars with a hit of your hand. Dungeon is resetting. If you want to save minions, pick them up with your hands. Press the touch pad of your right controller upwards to skip the pause and get a reward. Press your left menu button to open the settings menu.Spike trap - floor attached colossal acupuncture trap triggered by nearby enemies.

    Devil and the Fairy cheats android, ios hack codes


    Units: goblin warrior - this weak but fearless unit attacks whatever appears in front of its sword. The remaining time it is lazy and bored, waiting for motivation. Shaman - this arcane creature feels and influences the living world. Besides its standard attack there is some powerful special attack waiting to be launched against its enemies. Special ability - the so called frog rain is a ranged area attack hitting everything below the conjured cloud.
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    Healing totem - this shrine of pure medical power heals nearby units. May contain traces of stimulating substances. Can have unexpected side effects. Goblin berserker - the rage of this goblin frightens whole armies. Luckily this rage is on your side. Combatans can only fight in battles. They can’t explore dungeons or work in the town.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: check on your companions, equip them with gear, and improve them. Honor point reward is determined based on the level gap. If you have companions you don’t need, try fusing them. You can obtain higher tier companions. If you want to finish the dungon faster, send a character who matches the terrain type.

    Tricks: if the opponent has mages or long range companions, use companions that attacks the rear first. Shield knight block attack in the front and stop the enemy from advancing. Hack cheats: credits, free download, play without VR, apk file, unlimited energy, unlock units, multiplayer, gift box
    Devil and the Fairy hacked

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