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    The Council cheat world: diplomat - shines in society. A talented speaker, he avoids faux pas and he can convince those with whom he is talking without offending them. Politics is his field of predilection. Occultist - is a master of deception. Convinced of the importance of knowledge, he has acquired extensive expertise in science and the arts. Using others to achieve his own ends does not bother him. Detective - excels in investigation. He is trained to notice every detail in his surroundings as well as in people he questions. A hands on man, he does not shy away from the direct approach.


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    Skills: erudition - benefit from a sound cultural background in the arts, geography, and History. Manipulation - get people to act in your own interest. Politics - express your grasp of the geopolitical situation: nations interests and diplomatic relations. occultism - rely on your knowledge of myths, occult and religious symbols, as well as ancient languages and secret societies. Agility - use your coordination against your surroundings and, sometimes, against people.

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    Psychology - read people’s behavior like an open book. Vigilance - notice noteworthy details or oddly placed elements. Questioning - notice anything strange in someone’s behavior or appearance. Conviction - convince people with the sheer force of your will and your attitude. Science - be up to date scientific knowledge and medical techniques. Diversion - divert people’s attention, change a subject, or avoid questions. Linguistics - translate all kinds of documents and conversations if foreign languages.
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    Opportunities - your skills allow you to discover hidden details. Select the object that is most suggestive of the situation in order to discover them. Opportunities do not consume effort points. To access the skill required for the situation, you just need to have unlocked it. Personality - each person you meet on the island has their own personality, which makes them VUlnerable to certain skills, and immune to others. Exploiting their personality is crucial to achieve your personal goals: skills used against immunities will not suceed and leav you exhausted, meanwhile exloited vulnerabilities will give you 1 effort point back.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: you obtain talents when carrying out certain actions. Remember to review their unlock conditions and effects as they offer very interesting improvements. Your skills give you access to unique choices and actions at the cost of effort points. The higher your skill level, the lower the cost is in effort points. Royal jelly restores 2 effort point. You cannot carry more than 5.

    Tricks: choosing a class defines your basic skills. The other skills will still be available, but unlocking them will be more expensive. YOu just found an amber fragment. Each time you pick up 4 of them, you increase your maximum effort points by 1. During a confrontation, you have to go through several steps while being as persuasive as possible. Confrontations have consequences on the rest of the story, so don’t hesitate to use your skills. Each confrontation displays an interface showing how much the person you are talking to is convinced.
    The Council hacked

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