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    Sword Art Online cheat world: nice to meet you. I’m absolutely terrible at this game. And i’m talking really bad. This is my first VRMMO and my very first video game. I made sure to look up some stuff online before starting, but it’s all just so different from what i was expecting. I can’t land a single attack, so i’ve just been leveling up speed to run away. Everyone else around me is getting stronger, but i just can’t keep up with them. I did get a little better, though! So i was looking forward to playing a bit more, but today’s the last day and...Well, so, that’s why i came al the way out here, but..now i’m just lost. I know today’s the last day and all, but i don’t want to end it like this. Think you could teach me how to battle.


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    You can move your character with the stick on the bottom left. Approach a target and use the action button to speak to them. You can attack by tapping the button on the bottom right when it shows a weapon. Get close enough to a monster to see its name and then tap the button to rush in and attack. Simply hold the button to continuously attack. You can move the camera by swiping the screen. The pinch gesture will zoom the camera in and out. Double tapping the scree will return the camera to the front.

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    The quest navigator shows your current objective. Your destination is shown on the mini map. Tap the mini map to enlarge it. Gain rewards by completing quests. There are many quests aside from main quests, so keep an eye out. Tap to select a target, tap the target to rush towards them. The more you use strong sword skills, the easier it is to defeat strong enemies. SP is required to activate sword skills. SP builds when you’re not attacking. Skills are unusable during cooldown. Just as with normal attacks, when you’re close enough to see a monster’s name, you’ll rush in and attack. Skill ranges vary.
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    If you get a skill record you already have, it’ll limit break. Use the switch technique to unleash a stronger sword skill than usual. Successful attacks charge the switch gauge. When maxed, press the switch button to unleash it. A switch will use the first sword skill you have equipped. Changing maps will reset your switch gauge, so use it as soon as it fills up. Sword skills activated by switches are stronger and more efficient, so use them aggressively. Use quick change to switch weapon and sword skill sets in a single tap. Activate it during a sword skill’s cooldown. Master the timing to use two weapons and their sword skills efficiently. Quick changes have cooldowns too, so you won’t be able to use it again right away.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: you can use sword skills by equipping skill records. Skill records also have ability types with effects that activate simply by equipping them. They are divided into red and blue. Skill records only work with specific weapon types. They will not work with other weapons. Monsters at higher levels than you have red names. The darker the red, the higher the level. YOu can access different menus by pressing the menu button.

    Tricks: you can check the details for an items by tapping its icon. When in the safe zone, you can select makeup from the menu to change your appearance. Tap the step button while targeting a monster to do a backstep. You can change sound and camera settings by going to: menu>system>settings. When notifications, presents, invites, and other such things arrive, the notification icon lights up. Tap it to check them out.
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