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    SWAT and Zombies Season 2 cheat world: welcome to the battlefield, sir. Your mission is simple. Prevent the hordes of zombies from reaching perfectville. Right now, perfectville is under construction. The defense system has completely collapsed since the last zombie assault. All of the commanders were killed. Sadly, that’s why you’re taking on this important mission. Anyways, it’ll be dangerous if even one of those zombies gets into Perfectville. We must stop them! Keep that in mind.


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    Now i will explain how to command your team and give battle tactics for novice commanders. Tap the gun to select a S.W.A.T. member. Each S.W.A.T. member costs coins and has a deployment time. Wait until you can deploy another S.W.A.T. member. Tap coins to collect resources. Your unit has run out of ammo, tap to reload.

    SWAT and Zombies Season 2 cheats android, ios hack codes

    • baton - short range, but it is suitable for suppressing zombies coming from the front.
    • Burst rifle - fast mid range weapon. 3 round burst, ideal when positioned in the center of the formation.
    • Electric gun - Slows zombies, but they can still attack.
    • Bomb - a powerful single use weapon. Nearby zombies will vanish in an instant.
    • Shield - very sturby. Used to defend against hordes of zombies.
    • Sniper - a true long range weapon with a slow firing rate. ideal position is in the back of the formation.
    • Shotgun - powerful enough to push zombies back. Keep lots of zombies at bay while turning them into mush.
    • Mines -are a powerful anti zombie weapon. Simple to install and very effective, just place it in the path of a zombie.
    • Iron Rod - very powerful close range weapon. Sends zombie heads flying. Can be thrown at zombies.
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    • Scout rifle - firearm useful for long range attacks. More powerful, but slower than the burst rifle.
    • Dual pistols - attack with two automatic pistols. Easy to carry and good for eliminating zombies in the early stages.
    • Barricade - a high barricade. It is an obstacle against jumping zombies. Hiding behind it gives a sense of security.
    • Flamethrower - hold a flamethrower and fire a powerful flame. Zombies will die slowly. It is fortunate that they do not feel pain. Nearby zombies are susceptible to catching on fire as well.
    • Ninja - wield two swords. Deals twice as much damage as the baton. Continuous attack is also strong. Eliminates nearby zombies.
    • Orbital strike - a laser shot from a satellite. Eliminates all zombies in its path.
    Enemies: pretty zombie - quick and attacks twice per hit, but weak against melee weapons. Worker Zombie - has a lot of health, shields are recommended.
    HQ - here you can equip and upgrade your team members. You can equip it by tapping the selected icon again. Upgrade your weapon by selecting the card that has collected all the parts. You can upgrade to more powerful weapons by collecting a lot of the same weapon.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: the team level has risen. Now you can upgrade your members! Please select the member to upgrade. Tap once more to finalize the upgrade. It takes a lot of training to get stronger. End the training quickly by pressing the finish button. Unit level cannot be higher than the team level. If you want to upgrade more, increase your team level. Team level can be raised by stars and requires lots, so collect as many stars as possible.

    Stars can be obtained by clearing stage modes or upgrading S.W.A.T. members. Sometimes you can obtain through reward boxes. increase team level to create a powerful S.W.A.T. army. YOu must strive to get stronger! You need better weapons for higher damage. A variety of weapons are available for each S.W.A.T member. Weapons can be obtained by opening boxes.
    SWAT and Zombies Season 2 hacked

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