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    Hanse - The Hanseatic League cheat world: A long journey lies behind you when you finally arrive in your old home town, Lubeck. After your father's death, the family manor now belongs to you. Once you have roamed around the old house you feel an urge to head for the family gallery. The portraits of your parents glow down on you in the candlelight and you take a look around...


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    Time has faded the colours of the portraits, but it couldn't do a thing to the pride in your parents' eyes. One of the largest and most powerful families of merchants in
    the Hanse - once, many years ago. Now merely a faint likeness of what was. You think back, memories of your parents... Interactive objects in the game world light up when the cursor is held over them - portraits, for example. Click on your parents' portraits to learn more about them.

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    You were just about to turn away when you noticed something about the picture of your father. A scroll is sticking out behind the frame. High enough to be safe
    from prying eyes. A message? Objects that you are supposed to click on to make progress in the game have a pulsing lighting effect - for example the scroll next to the portrait. Click on the scroll to read it.
    Hanse - The Hanseatic League gift box
    Your father's last words are engraved in your memory. You resolve to pay a visit to your family's warehouse.
      There are 2 kinds of messages:
    • Tutorial tasks are smaller missions which can be accomplished in a few steps.

    • Hints are brief texts that are triggered by certain actions after the end of the Tutorial and guide you through the course of the game.
    New messages appear as a red number under the carrier pigeon. Each family of merchants in the Hanse has a right to a section in a town's Hanse warehouse - provided the town is a member of the Hanse. Your family's goods are still stored in the warehouse in Lubeck. You hold the key in your hand and set off on your way… Click on your portrait on the wall. Click on the symbol for "Agent" in the Character window next to your portrait. Choose "Lubeck". Leave the family gallery by Clicking on the "World Map" button to the upper right

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: When you arrive at the warehouse the administrators and traders ask you lots of questions. Warily at first, then with warmth: Your family's name is still well known in Lubeck. Propriety demands that you join them in toasts to your father, then you are graciously left in peace. You examine the goods... Click on the municipal coat of arms of Lubeck to open the Town Menu. A Town Menu always opens in the "Marker” tab. Since Lubeck is a Hanse town you are able to use the Hanse warehouse. You can find it on the right side. Your family's goods are listed under the Warehouse icon. Take a look at the Tooltips for them to learn more about their attributes.

    Tutorial: The goods still seem to be in good condition. They differ according to quality (Plain, Ordinary, Fine, Luxury) and category (Clothing, Food, Durables, Other). The higher the quality, the higher the selling price you can usually attain for a type of goods at the market. To buy your first Transporter ship you need 1900 Silvermarks. Sell goods from the warehouse by clicking on the entries under the Warehouse icon. You can filter goods according to
    their value by switching categories. You can set the quantity purchased via a slider. Get at least 1900 Silvermarks to buy your first ship. Tip: Don't sell everything all at once, sell the valuable goods first.

      Hanse - The Hanseatic League Tricks:
    • The coins weigh down your pooch as you walk down to the port. The fresh air of the Baltic Sea reminds you that your first ship is within reach. But Novgorod is still far away, at the other end of the sea.

    • Your new ship is impressive. But your hold isn't as full as it could be. As the child of a family of merchants, you know that a good profit can surely be made in Novgorod with a cargo of famous Lubecker salt.

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