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    Follower Sacrifice cheat world: it is a new trial, and three of the most religious believers are ready. Now, let the bravest one of you take this first trial (press A and D to select the character, click J to confirm your hack selection). Beulah Grace (freelance) - he had always said to be a the greatest adventurer, but never made a step out of the village.This time he took part in the trial because of the insult from his friends.


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    Wow, nice to meet you, humble Bett expresses with the highest respect to you. Well, i’m sure that Mr. Challenger doesn’t know about the trial very well, let humble Bett explain for you. Here Here, Mr. Challenger has to solve various problems, and challenge the loors one by one until the last to get the great besims’ attention, which give you the supreme power. Of course, the most important message i bring this time is, Mr. Challenger, each layer has a gateway, you must pass through it then you can go to the next floor.

    Follower Sacrifice cheats android, ios hack codes


    You only need to use W, S, A, D to control the character the gateway, you will be on the next floor. Right, click C to check your own properties. Every believer who participates in the challenge will get some coins. We can use these coins to build our church.Strength training - siege works has excellent fitness equipment for the congregation use. Anti strike - get a beating up can make you more resistant to beating. Attract talents- the church recruits more and more people to join us.
    Follower Sacrifice gift box
    Skills: g-string - a secret power makes this piece of cloth survive in the process of time leap. Iron Tanto - tanto made of black iron. Quick shot - attack speed increased. Guard - god bless you, increased 30% HP for a certain time. Strafe - straw around, cause 1.5 times damage and knock the enemy. Fire ball - fire a fireball, cause twice damage to the enemy and burn them.

    Follower Sacrifice secret code hack tips

    Tip, android gameplay secrets: Rational use props can help the player effectively pass quickly the level. After each time the copy is finished, rationally upgrade building talent, can play an active role in the follow up combat. Press T to open the talent boost interface. The monster of sims is fierce, and the attack from the monster is an effective way of trying.

    Follower Sacrifice Tutorial: Life potion - the church is developing mysterious alchemy to help improve the physique of the congregation. Strengthen weapons - improve your ability to control of weapons and you are better at using weapons. Bless - the church has been committed to developing, it hopes to give members more advantages. You will regenerate HP when you enter a new room.

    Wiki: Bett learnt that Mr. has been upgraded the talent, and i hereby inform you to open the character property interface and switch to the growth page. so you can check the upgraded talent. Collect more drawing, learn the attributes of items, monsters, pets, boss, and the modified drawings, and control the rhythm perfectly in the game. You can use items to deal with the difficulties encountered, different items have different functions, reasonably use them can easily solve the problems. Yes, i forgot to mention it, you can press 1,2,3,4,5,6, etc. to use the corresponding items.

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    9. WLORikjaGygefKG - free play
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    11. yQsQleUE1uaMTad - ios
    12. T1n63iTcqn0cOhc - gift box
    13. fOFamlb3YGZqrJK - premium pack
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