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    Official site MOJIN Immortal Seal cheat world: there is a tribe in the ancient east. The people there gained a magical power can achieve the purple of longevity. Many of them are thousand of years old. Then the tribe mysteriously disappeared. Many people in the future go there but find nothing. The genius of later generations king Huainan, after arduous efforts finally gained something. He recorded his discovery on the Huainan map. He specializes in this mysterious force.


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    Finally, he became immortal and left immortal seal to posterity. Now a great merchant Liu An got part of Huainan map, he is fascinated by the power of the records. Find the expedition leader Lee to explore the Qi ancient tomb. Unexpectedly, the expedition’s boat was overturned by the bia waves in the Qi river. Lee survived, but the other are missing. Lee decided to explore alone and may find them back

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    Tool table - here is for making and processing some simple tools. Repair from deformation to enable it to make simpler tools such as spades and torches. Pharmacy - here is for making some drugs and even liquor. To block off the hole and do a simple cleanup to enable it to make the health restoration drug: antidote. Cooktop - people have to eat food. Here is for producing food. To hold up collapsed furnace to enable simple baking of meat.
    MOJIN Immortal Seal gift box
    A reinforcement of the bench surface enables the cooking of beef with a doubled output for the same duration. Packing - exploration equipment carefully. Water - an important material for making dry food, drug, etc, but not ready for drinking due to unclean. Dry food - a kind of food for relieving hunger and also restore the team member’s health points.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: the door to the west can’t be opened, but has a recess for an ancient seal. The seal for opening this door must be in the tomb. If the automatic attack is off, you can click on the monster to attack. Successfully hit a monster and gained 1 point of focused power, focused power points required for the skill. There’re several trap doors in the tomb, which are hard to be found. You need to get close.

    Tutorial (wiki): it’s necessary to bring food if you’re going to get in a tomb, which requires you to know the appetite of each team member. Hunger leads to a lack of strength, thus your fists will become powerless. Full inventory - satiety status restores 5% of health points within each step, until the repletion drops below 30. Hunger status makes the power of attack decreases, and the upper limit of health points halved. When you hungry touch food button.

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    4. rOGU5CNNX6gtUBm - food
    5. bee6xq2rEjA93Tt - materials
    6. vtSYCiBjh7kkvEP - upgrade
    7. O49pOk91cphEAGH - level up
    8. PZ497qm8d1lqYzA - skill points
    9. NUjH0F0mk0DrhKo - restore health
    10. E6zAoRtOSR0oAzW - increase stats
    11. VAgrWa3lk2bwr1t - gift box
    12. p5vvhZYRutospUV - premium pack
    13. xGV3FGuAyNX03pe - resources
    14. JNfb2gJcFDhLFyz - secret tips
    15. gnFO7k1CN8zQLQC - money gold
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