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    . Free cheats code list Hero Z Doomsday Warrior - advanced recruit, diamonds, train, instant, upgrade, unlimited resources (oil, steel, electricity, food), worker, speed up, gift box, premium pack, wiki, tutorial.

    Official site Hero Z Doomsday Warrior cheat world: thirty six billion years ago, a meteorite in the universe brought life to Earth. But this time it brought death. We lost everything including our lives almost overnight. A deadly virus brought by the meteorite quickly spread all over the world, turning people into undeads. The virus has brought death to most people, but it has also allowed a very small number of people to evolve and become our hope. We call these people heroes.


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    More and more survivors gathered around the heroes, and under their leadership they left their homeland and began building shelters. Despair, struggle, unity and hope, in this chaotic doomsday. Now it is your turn to build the new order in this developing shelter. Finally we made it to a safe zone. let me show you how to construct your shelter.

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    Steel, oil and electricity are all necessary resources for our shelter. There are lots of open space outside the base. Let’s build a smelter, oil well and power plant first. Oh no, we are surrounded. Are we going to give up this shelter. Hero rage is full, click hero avatar to use unique skill. We also get more a nd more ordinary people joining us to fight against the zombies.
    Hero Z Doomsday Warrior gift box
    I suggest exploring around our shelter to find equipments and resources to develop our shelter. We can arm our heroes with the equipments we got from campaign to make them stronger. I have wrote down the developments plans underneath the screen, don’t forget to check it. Secret letter pass: advanced recruit, diamonds, train, instant, upgrade, unlimited resources (oil, steel, electricity, food), worker, speed up, gift box, premium pack.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: Heroes - There will be multiple heroes waiting for you, and every hero has unique skill and story. They will fight together with you in the crisis, you should train them with your own way if you want to be more powerful.Development - Unlock and upgrade buildings, research technology, train troops, recruit heroes to develop your base more prosperous.

    Tutorial (wiki): advanced recruit - can definitely get a 2 or 3 star hero. Instant speed up - you need diamonds to use instant speed up. Free speed up - the remaining 4 minutes or fewer for free. Different types of soldiers with distinctive features will make you stronge, but you should also know their weak points. Dispatch troops and heroes based on the scout result to gain great victory.

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    1. 3nwaqlUDM7Li2cc - anvanced recruit
    2. hT9eMFAY3p1EYJa - diamonds
    3. uzYNnoacNgEIRkl - train
    4. Oe3R6p8EyJzhKx8 - instant
    5. bZ0dpGBoqKyMgAG - upgrade
    6. rSWnxiMRzydOJCT - unlimited resoures (oil, steel, electricity, food)
    7. kEH1y2uZdhl25k1 - worker
    8. rrjpkInGrLQGcXu - speed up
    9. gHDHYyqJoF2ABoJ - gift box
    10. BmYKgtK4axmWcAh - premium pack
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