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    Official site The War of Genesis cheat world: the continent of Antaria - ancestral home of many civilizations. Here, a conflict between 12 Gods and 13 dark Gods has raged for generations. Geisir Empire annexes 13 Dark God worshippers, forming the Dark armor allians, a legion of immeasurable conquests. Standing against the dark armor is the silver arrow alliance, a band of 12 God worshippers, united by the kingdom of Pandragon. In the midst of a prolonged war, the king of the Geisir Empire meets his end.


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    The dark prince, heir of the Geisir Empire, surges the dark armor towards victory with exceptional leadership and combat prowess. However, the forces under the silver arrow banner, and continue their resistance against the dark prince’s attacks. Year 1202 - Esgel calendar, the armies of the dark armor and silver arrow clash in a final battle. And so the dark prince conquered the kingdom of Pandragon, and his forces spread like a plague across Antaria. Until the dark prince’s disappearance following a mysterious airship crash. The surviving heir of the Pandragon royal family, princess Eiolin, gathers allies to reclaim her lost kingdom.

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    This is our first combat against enemy, so we have to be cautious. All heroes have types with strengths and weaknesses in battle. Eiolin is a water type, and skeleton is a fire type, thus Eiolin has a type advantage. Look at the arrow above the enemy’s level and it should be easy to understand. You will need more allies for the battles to come. Shall we make a visit to the laboratory to meet new heroes?
    The War of Genesis gift box
    Skills: fierce swordsmanship - attacks an enemy 2 times and deals damage. Removes 1 buff on the enemy for each attack. Blade of Vengeance - damages all enemies. Deals additional damage to the enemies if caster’s HP is 50% or below. Deals more damage to the enemies with more buffs. Cleanse - removes 2 debuff on all allies. Increases all allies’ DEF by 50% for 2 turns. Spray and pray - attacks a random enemy 5 times and deals damage. Deals damage over time for 2 turns at 50% chance for each attack. Smash - damages an enemy depending on the caster’s HP.
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    Tip, android gameplay secrets:at the main story, you can see the adventures of the heroes. You can watch stories or participate in battles at the main story. Certain battles in the main story require specific heroes to proceed. You can’t leave out the main characters of a plot. Level up your admiral level to improve your airship appearances.

    Galaxy Battleship Tutorial (wiki): after unlocking any player to enter the countries of the region can create a role. Machines are powerful war machines developed by ancient gods. Large airships are the best transportation in Antaria. Equipping gear within the same gear set will activate set effects. Set effects can stack. hero gear material chest - a chest that contains a random normal hero gear material. Use type advantages to defeat enemies. You can win faster than anyone.

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    13. 18OpcobYh7f0R4d - premium pack
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    Author: Solarka
    Published contact: The United States of America (USA), 228 Park Ave S, New York, NY 10003-1502, US
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