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    Official site Dance Club Mobile cheat world: fall in love to the beat! Dear dances, a brand new social dancing game with elevated quality. Game club - is coming with abundant love! The most up to date recreation combining music, dance, dressing and elf raising is here for you to experience! Come and join dance club now! Choose your favorite character!


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    Hi, distinguished quest! Welcome to the hack world! I’m cheat-on, the cutest guider in this world. Let’s move to the tutorial and start your first lesson! The tutorials are in the settings.The bubble mode is simple and fun. Are you ready? Let’s begin. When the light ring shrinks down to the edge, tap the bubble. These are two key bubbles. When the light ring shrinks down to the edge, tap two bubble simultaneously. Press hold bubble - when the light ring shrinks down to the edge, press hold. Slide bubble - tap and slide to the direction of the arrow. Great! You’ve mastered all the skills. Let’s begin to practise.

    Dance Club Mobile cheats android, ios hack codes


    The practise is only an appetizer, now we’re going to challenge the real stage! Tap the enter the dancing hall. The star boss is coming! Let’s go to the constellation hall. Tap it to check boss info. Defeat the boss to win great rewards. Create a room to beat the boss. Tick starsand drop to get starsands in the dance. Tick star drop to get drops from the boss. Reach required scores to get random number of starsands - are used to light up constellations.

    Dance Club Mobile gift box
    Frag grenades came in very handy during your squad’s last mission. However, buying them on the market will cost you a fortune, so i suggest we manufacture them ourselves. This way if finally get to do something. Hire some engineers to begin manufacturing. You need 2 engineers to manufacture a grenade. The armory allows us to build just about anything: a tank, a space shuttle, you name it. All i need is the technology and the resources. let me know when our eggheads research something new! For the time being, i’ll make sure we have an ample supply of grenades.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: obtain starsands in dances to light up stars and get star suits. A lot of shards are falling down from the stars. You can combine them in the workshop. The workshop is in your bag! Go on the journey to a super star in the performance. There are many albums in each theme. Finish the previous album to unlock the next. Finish each album with required S scores to win outfits. The activity quests provide abundant EXP, which you must not miss when you level up. Complete the quest and you’ll level up in the blink of an eye.

    Tutorial (wiki): obtain starsands in dances to light up stars and get star suits. Every day during 12:00-14:00, the Elves will come out to play in the elf city. Join in a crew to make more friends and have more fun! The livelier the area, the more elves will come out to play, so more populated lines will have more elves. Get abundant experience and rewards in the performance. Free wishes are available in the wishing pool everyday. Use elf wishing coins to make wishes in the elf wishing pool. You can make one free wish per day.

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    5. M9050FJ3WH1NcjE - stars
    6. HEsRidc7Opi3g3K - album rewards
    7. ypNV4WxtbbgOFDZ - gift box
    8. NMbJilYy5gdOBLF - activity points
    9. CKyCYzx4QCWii6m - gold
    10. LJvs38uLTLHxVmU - elf ball
    11. fQCQMAu9VALaWcr - ruby redeem
    12. USYfdBcTsRYIBZ2 - wishing pool
    13. Cvgep97NBSWwpCX - vitality
    14. GvoRiK0PdO8Jeot - hearts
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