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    Official site God of War Tactics cheat world: to claim dominion over this world, the two main clans of the heavens - the olympians and the titans - waged a terrifying, decade long war. At the crucial moment of this war between the divines, the titan Prometheus defected to the side of the Olympians and began supporting their leader, the god Zeus. The scales of the victory quickly turned in favor of Zeus and the Olympians...The titans suffered a crushing defeat and lost everything but Atlas, who had fled from the battlefield. But Zeus was not willing to let him escape.


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    The flames of war began to spread to man’s world. Amphitryon, king of Thebes, personally commanded his troops to enter the fray, as well. The queen of Thebes, Alemene, gave birth to a son while her king was away. To avoid any unnecessary trouble, she went to the suburb alone to abandon her baby. Little did she know that as soon as she left him, two venomous serpents emerged from the fields, eyeing the infant boy with murderous, hungry intent. Before Alemene could react, the boy’s little hands had flew out and seized the necks of the two serpents. He strangled them to death. The experience filled the Thebian queen with overwhelming remorse. Ultimately, she returned to her palace with her son and gave him a name Hercules. The war ended with the victory of the Olympians. Upon his return from the front lines, Amphitryon was delighted to discover that his wife gave birth to not just a son, but son blessed with superhuman strength. One day, a wise and powerful hermit - the Centaur, Chiron - arrived unexpectedly in Thebes. After persuading Amphitryon, he became the personal instructor of Hercules, who wouls teach Hercules martial skill everyday CHiron’s. With Chiron’s help, Hercules martial skill makes rapid progress.

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    A few years later, Thebes was destroyed by a mysterious fire. The Hercules, who survived for the disaster, came to your castle and looked for shelter. Be generous and merciful as you always were, you settled the hercules in your own castle. But you didn’t aware that, by doing so, you had involved in a war for the throne. Enter campaign to continue our story. Let us learn how to fight in battle with Hercules. Check enemy information, let’s select a hero to start our journey of adventure. A certain amount of energy is required to challenge. Energy will recover over time.

    God of War Tactics gift box
    Tap on any tile to move your hero. There are no targets to attack nearby. Choose defend to reduce damage caused by an attack. Select a target to attack, heroes can only attack targets 1 tile around. Tap the skill icon to start a skill attack. A skill attack will select targets automatically and consume your hero’s MP. Victory - you earn booty. Among them, the EXP crystal can be used to upgrade your heroes. Now let’s learn how to use the EXP crystal. Tap the heroes button - here you can browse through all heroes you own. Select your hero, you can recruit more heroes in the tavern. Upgrade - tap here to enter the hero level up interface. Tap exp crystal to add exp and tap upgrade to complete the upgrade.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: tap hero to upgrade, advance or equip skill. Can only equip skills for idle heroes. Assign hero squad at war hall. Mercenaries can assist heroes and they are vital to the battles. When a building can be constructed under 5 min, tap the complete now icon to finish construction instantly. You can recruit archers at present. Upgrade the warriors hold to the next level to hire new categories of mercenaries. The war hall is where you assign mercenaries and adjust formation for your heroes. Moreover, it enables you to dispatch heroes to the world. Drag mercenaries to be assigned to a squad. The number of mercenaries a hero can control is affected by the hero’s command level.

    God of War Tactics Tutorial (wiki): heroes that garrison at resources mine, stronghold and wonder can’t move, unless retreat first. You need to deploy city defenses on the wall to resist other players’ attack. You can use speed up hack items to reduce construction and research time. Defeating neutral mercenaries in the world can get you exp crystal. To collect resources in the resource mines in the world, you must select the mines you occupy, then tap info collect resource.
    Archers are able to attack the enemy at any position. However, they are vulnerable to attack. We must let our hero protect them. Heroes and mercenaries will counter the attacker when attacked for the first time each round. Mercenaries will take actions based on their own judgment. Isn’t the battle much easier with their assistance?

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    God of War Tactics Note, tricks: even the famous heroes might appear at our tavern. You should grab the opportunity to recruit them. Buy hero drinks to great gifts! Use hack diamonds to buy drinks to improve your chances of a hero joining you! Cheat a coffee to get exp crystal and you can get a complimentary item or hero in addition. By offering drinks to everyone in the tavern you will receive gifts in return. Your city is flourishing. In case you don’t know how to further develop it, use quests for you to browse. Quests will guide your development and give ample rewards. You have received a quest reward. There is alternative way to quickly check quests and claim rewards.
    Goal will guide you to finish the primary goal of your current situation, you will receive rich reward after you finish it. Resource is the basic needed for city development, build resource mine in city to get resources. Higher mine level for more productions. Attack campaign to obtain exp crystal to upgrade hero.
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