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    Official site Dungeon Rush Rebirth cheat world: i have seen the treasure of hell lord, and also the horror that you could never imagine. Let’s choose an appearance for your dungeon exploration. Select heroes: whirlwind ranger, shadow mage, duel master and temple warrior. Fighting alone shall not work. You need some good helpers. To seize the treasure of hell lord, you need to find the best helper from the summoning circle. Basic summoning summons heroes with lower quality and costs one basic summoning scroll each time.


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    Your exploration team needs stronger members, and those in the advanced summoning are all tough ones. Advanced summoning summons higher quality heroes and costs gems or hack cheats code. Campaign - starting from here, you will be facing the unimaginable dungeon abyss and fighting against dark and dreadful hell creatures. As you explore in this gloomy underworld, you will receive various rewards once in a while. Ready? Lead your team into darkness now.

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    Check out the hero fragments you have obtained in trophies, and summon the hero to assist you in the battle. Slot 1 and 2 on the front line will take massive attack damage, so you need to deploy the hero with the strongest defensive power to slot 1. You need to upgrade your heroes to make them more powerful. Equipment can help you withstand the demons’ attack. To continue your exploration in dark dungeon, these are not enough. Every hero has its unique skill attributes targeting monsters of different types.

    Dungeon Rush Rebirth gift box
    Enhancing these skills can further boost your team strength. Having only one powerful companion cannot guarantee your survival. You need to strengthen other team members as well. You will be facing the most loyal servant in this world of darkness. To survive amongst death, you will need the power of rune stones. Different rune stones have different attributes. Each hero can equip six rune stones of different attributes, and you can upgrade the rune stones with other rune stones of the same level and attribute.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: the danger hiding in dungeon is far greater than you can imagine. Now that we have another slot in our team, we need another powerful team member. Heroes can be promoted. Different heroes have different promotion formula. Promoted heroes can unlock passive skills. Every 8 hours you are granted 1 free normal hero summoning. Every 48 hours you have the chance to summon an advanced hero.

    tutorial (wiki): hero with a stronger faction deals 50% more damage. The attack order in the battle is determined by the heroes’ speed. Don’t forget to exchange hearts with your friends. Hearts can be used to purchase items in the heart store. Equipment has 6 qualities: blue, gold, purple, green, ruby and orange, from low to hight. Good luck, adventurer. new enemies and challenges are waiting ahead, and you shall need new team members to expand your team.

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    4. KtuW4gWoyGUbXzl - orange gear
    5. egrEaTdqfdtkNAK - runes
    6. H1iuGjdgmkvp9nN - legendary hero
    7. Xwtjr7zje2HjFzG - gold
    8. n2mLyporhte6rnp - ugrade
    9. ZyMEl01jI39W5N0 - evolve
    10. kWekxiZ3GA6IrBt - gift box
    11. DvOJWXFR1IHvVqx - level up
    12. d9Fv6ID9QzQIU4b - premium pack
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