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    . Free cheats code list Lord of War - silver, gold, unlimited resources (wood, stone), upgrade, speed up, gift box, level up, territory, troops, unlock hero, wiki, tutorial. Tips to repair durability, fix error communication with the server, bugs, lags, crashes.

    Official site Lord of War cheat world: it’s been 1 year since king Arthur and Excalibur disappeared. Now the country is falling apart quickly. Every noble claims to be a king and everyone claims that they will become the ruler of this kingdom. Each lord will lead their army across territories to capture castles. It is a time of chaos and uncertainty. However, there is one hope. A legendary young Lord has begun his journey with Merlin. End the chaos and unify the whole kingdom.


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    The prophecy predicted that you will be the one to unify and lead the country. But, must first start with managing a city. I have been called upon by the fairies in the lake. It seems that the situation is very urgent. I must leave immediately and i will be here. Cheat-on is apprentice who has followed me for many years. Whether she is governing or expanding the country, her suggestion are very reasonable. Rid intruders from neglected castle. Be careful, the strength of intruders should not be underestimated.

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    Team combat power is not enough to defeat enemy. This is tantamount to hitting the stone. It would be better to let your troops return to the city and train more soldiers to challenge them after they are ready to go. We have hacked enough resources to build some facilities in the castle. The heroic deeds that led you to the army for the first time quickly spread. Let those nobles have laughed at you be speechless. So this group of pent-up scumbags spearheaded your ability to manage the castle. Building your city quickly becomes the most urgent thing to do.
    Lord of War gift box
    Your majestic castle will be built as quickly. It will match your status. Castle - increase territory capture amount. Upgrade the castle to prove that you have the ability to manage a city. Occupying such plots can quickly acquire a large amount of resources. Watchtower - unlock map mist, increase scout and count scout level. When the fog is swept away, we can see this world more clearly. City wall - provide basic city defense points. Prevent castle from destruction.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: your rapid rise has attracted the attention of Modred. He sees your potential as a threat. He sends an emissary to convey an order to you, succumb to him or be destroyed. Just when you were upset, Merlin brought you good news. The allied armies that have fought against Edelde have mushroomed. You can pick a strong alliance as your strong backing. Join the alliance, you can develop more quickly under strong alliance protection.

    Lord of War tutorial (wiki): upgrade training grounds to increase troop training amount. Building a training ground is definitely a wise move. It can significantly increase the number of soldiers trained. Create and explore a world filled with magic. Return of classic turn base strategy. Rely on strategy and tactics to win. lead soldiers of varying types and race.

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    3. RpKaYJcI86aaT7d - unlimited resources (wood, stone)
    4. 9GPcLsVUhCJlJZu - upgrade
    5. 8puABP4Wng3TcCA - speed up
    6. Ey8D5HQ8I1zpjz7 - gift box
    7. Smj0zrEqi6P9due - level up
    8. 1U4VHcI38Y0GsMI - territory
    9. cAgQ8WSdznYmTv4 - troops
    10. 561vRqGbz842YCw - unlock hero
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