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    Official site Pocket Cowboys cheat world: easy there. Get yo your feet slowly. Someone left you for dead, but you’ll live. Looks like they came back to finish the job and collect your bounty. Kill other players to earn points. First to 3 kill point wins the match. Tread carefully. Single shots will kill. All 4 players secretly choose their cation at the same time. Then, all actions are revealed simultaneously. Try to anticipate your opponents’ actions.


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    Every turn, choose between 3 possible actions: move, shoot, or reload. When out of ammo, tap your character. Each class specializes in a different playstyle, defined by their primary weapon. Weapons vary by ammo, range, and target values. Tap the sniper to select this class for our next battle. Each match, all 4 players wager gold and the rewards are divided based on the outcome.

    Pocket Cowboys Wild West Standoff cheats android, ios hack codes


    Tap the battle button to search for a match with 3 other players in this town. Steer clear of that rattlesnake hazard unless you’ve got a snakebit kit. The sniper’s playstyle relies on ranged combat. Try to pick off your opponents from across the map. Turn timer - each turn, players have a max of 15 seconds to select and confirm their action. Avoid purple hazard spaces unless you have a death wish.
    Pocket Cowboys Wild West Standoff gift box
    Strongboxes contain various currencies and class cards, used for upgrading your classes. Tap the promote button to increase the character’s rarity. You’ll unlock his hold up passive skill, which earns gold for every kill. Classes - in addition to their weapon, each character class has unique abilities and unlockable skills that highlight their playstyle. Rank up to collect every class and discover different winning strategies.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: Collect and promote 10 legendary character classes like the Sniper, Demolitionist, and Trapper, unlocking character skills and equipping epic gear. Go on killstreaks arena to earn wanted status, boosting your rewards, but beware as it also increases the bounty on your head! 10 impactful skills, unique to each class' playstyle. Ghosts that can be controlled after you die, to stay involved in the action

    tutorial (wiki): Time for me to hit the road. Need i remind you that Dry Brush is a lawless frontier where your world is only as strong as the recoil of your gun. Question is, who will become the most wanted gang and who will be pushing up daisies? be seeing you around, pardner.

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    1. ttzZKkbVg10EaJO - promote
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    3. f926InOhaPK4Z9b - unlock hero
    4. sBZcnhTiIDBvVDF - strongboxes
    5. LEaSKQSpiykgsUv - gold
    6. 6iBax8mrSf3rW2c - upgrade
    7. 0lMOVx7aknpOpMJ - skills
    8. yASjKR0uxxkqOTN - honor
    9. m8KHlF71w6t6Ydo - premium pack
    10. H8OPjDzm6qxhP9L - level up
    11. onA2BIOrqo7895f - gift box
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