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    Official site The Great Ottomans cheat world: commander, brave warriors, victory lies before you! Breach the walls of Constantinople and this land will be yours. The besieging forces advance towards the city, and after many waves of attack and counter attack the city walls collapse, the castle crumbles, and the banner of the great ottoman empire rises from amongst the rubble. My lord, look at these coffee grounds, the omens speak favorably of this land.


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    Post war reconstruction is vital to the development of your empire. First, we must construct a lumber mill because lumber is a key factor to developing the empire. Then we must construct a farm to provide Grain for your army without delay. Now that you have enough grain and wood you can build a barracks, with this you can train troops for your own army. Now that you have your own troops you should send them out to explore the kingdom.

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    This is our world. Collect the resources you need to prosper. As you complete tasks your kingdom will steadily get stronger. When claiming stage rewards, unclaimed rewards from completed tasks will also be claimed. You have already taken your first tentative steps, it’s time now to begin researching technology, upgrade your castle, build a stable, institute, research any technology, recruit troops.
    The Great Ottomans gift box
    The stable is where cavalries are trained. The institute is where you can research technologies to strengthen your power. In the institute, you can research technologies, which is a good way to accelerate the development of your empire: defense, development, military, resources, tactics. Keep developing your empire! One day your mighty reputation will shine across this land like the midday sun!

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: don’t forget your mission, hurry up and build your empire. The market is where the tax on resource aid is determined. Working contract - adds an additional building worker for 24 hours. If you’ve permanently activated the second building queue, you’ll receive 200 gold for using this item. Novice migration - before your castle reaches level 6, you may use this item to move your city to any place in any kingdom. Tap on any vacant area to migrate.

    tutorial (wiki) cards: upgrade alliance technology to give your alliance the edge. Shield infantry can reduce the damage you suffer from long ranged attacks. Advance your vip level to get additional free accelerating time. When the remaining time is less than 7 minutes you can finish construction instantly for free. Primary collecting bonus - increases the rate of collection of any non gold resource by 50%.

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