Pet Alliance Paramon cheats code hack (gold, silver, eggs)
Pet Alliance Paramon HACKED
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    Official site Pet Alliance Paramon cheat world: It is the legendary Sandra. Go, don’t let it slip away! Finally Seth conquered Sandra through the tough fighting. It must be a long and exciting night. Dawn always brings hope. Remember your choice and don't’ lose yourself. be a good trained like Seth! We will provide the first pet all new trainers. You can select Pinsis, Onion or Fabby to be your partner.


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    Fabby - a fire pet with high magic but low defense. Onias - a grass pet that can grow up fast but not strong at the early stage. It fits for the high level trainer. Pinsis - a water pet with high attack but low defence. Let’s go back to Miracon’s Pet center right now. Hatch the egg and them you will have your own pet. YOu may find all kinds of services for your pets here. Let’s go to hatching room to hatch pet egg.

    Pet Alliance Paramon cheats android, ios hack codes

    Pet Alliance Paramon tutorial”  /> <br /> See the left pet egg? Drag it to the hatch bar in the right. Any pet egg requires certain amount of nutrition to be hatched. When that requirement is met, the egg will be hatched. You need Nutrient solution to conduct the feeding. No worries, we will hack you freely for the first time. Take it and feed your pet. YOu can name your pet when you get it. Besides, you can rename 1 pet each day.  <img src=
    This is your first fighting. I have to tell you what you should notice in a battle. During the battle, there will be some clues about the triggered skills and allelopathy. I will introduce more details to you. The race with a small icon will be suppressed by that with a large icon. Check the race restriction table on bookshelf for more information. Please be careful about the propped stuff, they are the rewards for your fighting.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: the gift pack that cheat-on gave you is in the first slot of your backpack. Select the gift pack and then click the button use to open it. Check what you have got. Pet’s grade play a more important role on higher level pet. Sign in to claim various items everyday. Equip recast can change equipment’s specific race.

    Pet Alliance Paramon tutorial (wiki): check the auction house for surprise. Put pets in training grounds to level them up fast. Attend the point contest to prove your strength. It costs a longer time to hatch a higher rade pet egg. Feed the pet to increase its potential! Challenge players in rated battle to win rewards. Supreme EHN stone, the best stone with 100% success rate! Pets can evolve as they reach a certain level.

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    6. cDA7PByVh81hKRw - gold
    7. IpLo3Fl9mNZoFBW - legend egg
    8. VMucvH0PQU0s9UE - gift box
    9. n70fieBJ0eGOd6A - tarot
    10. VKWrjTRVkH2Yttl - ticket
    11. gdq6YoK2vXlFo4m - premium pack
    12. JwrpvNBdFygNM46 - gacha coupon
    13. wrrhnYxt7umjlW8 - gems crystal
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