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Battle of Warship War of Navy hacked
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    Official site Battle of Warship War of Navy cheat world: commander, welcome to your Nation. The enemy has invaded our nation, the nation is going to fall. Other commanders are declaring independence on a daily basis, and everyone is scrambling for land and power. These other commanders have turned their eyes on your land, and prepare to invade your nation. While peace is what we desire, other commanders will not leave us alone. In the game of nations, you rise or you fall.


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    In order to grow our nation, you must develop our nation’s economy and military. As your advisor, i’ll guide you in growing our nation step by step. BUild your naval empire. Join events, complete missions. Various warships, bomber and missile. Wage global naval war. Commander, you must lead our Nation to strength,The fate of the Nation is in your hands now! Lead vast navy to conquer all of the world and establish a glorious World.

    Battle of Warship War of Navy cheats android, ios hack codes

    Battle of Warship War of Navy tutorial”  /> <br /> Troops (Exclusive performance for each Destroyer, Cruiser, Submarine and Aircraft Carrier): light CA - the light cruiser is designed with heavy artillery. Cruiser units may damage neighboring units. Strategic bomber - only be triggered once in the battle, every attack has the chance to trigger. Light DD - is designed for multi target hitting. Destroyer units may damage the front line of the enemy.   <img src=
    Buildings: mint - outputs gold over time. Gold is used to scout, produce repair troops and research. Headquarters - the heart of your base grants more resource fields and buildings levels. Provides capacity and resource production. Research center - upgrade to research advanced technologies. Each level also increases research speed. Factory - allows for device and item manufacture. Upgrading it will increase the manufacture speed (only for device and gems).

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: you can gain experience and honor medals in conquest. Upgrade your headquarters. Buildings’ maximum level is decided by headquarters level. Resources (silicon, oil, iron) - is used to produce troops, research and upgrade buildings. Equip device for your military base - device can strengthen your troops. Level up your commander’s skills - strengthen offensive or defensive ability of troops.

    Battle of Warship War of Navy tutorial (wiki): i trust that commander has grasped the basic commands and controls and will figure out the rest in time! Remember to check your quests tab, upgrade your buildings, and produce your troops. The fate of the nation is now in your hands. Gem - with enough crystals you can combine them into a gem, a precious resource that can do anything.

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    8. B0hTuG9TIiNI0Xd - blueprint
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