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    Official site Legend of Solgard cheat world: hero, only you can save us. Here, this chest i brought contains sun gems. Gems help you collect and train creatures to fight for you. You are ready? The nine worlds of solgard are counting on you. So, shatter that ice portal before more frost minions come through. Those frost minions are going to attack us. Luckily, we get to act first. We get 3 moves, let’s use them.


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    Line up 3 creatures of the same color to combine them. Use your 2 remaining moves to create another combination. Add one more, you need 3 lined up to complete the combination. Your 3 moves are up, your combined creatures will attack. The enemy’s turn - that frost minion survived, now, it will attack you. You just got hit - 0 hit points means the battle will be over. Combined and defeated creatures return to you. Tap the arrow below to summon them back to fight.

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    Legend of Solgard tutorial”  /> <br /> Summoning creatures costs 1 move. Use your remaining 2 moves to combine more creatures. Add one more Elfling. Then your creatures will attack the portal. You damaged the ice portal. Cause 2 more points of damage and it will shatter. Use the arrow below to summon your creatures back to battle. Nidhogg has opened portals across Nidgard. To stop Ragnarok,we must shatter them all then slay that dragon. Tap the portal to advance to the next battle.  <img src=
    The ice army is from Niflheim. Thos ice portals are their way here. We can stop them invading by shatter that portal. Line up the Elflings to attack that frost minion. Now we can line up 3 rough paws to create a combination. The total strength of those minions is 3. But your elflings’ strength is only 2. merge more Elflings to increase its strength. Linin up 2 creatures behind a combined one will trigger a merge bonus.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: thanks to the merge bonus your creature has 4 strength. Attack the minions then shatter the ice portal. YOu levels up? That increased your hit points. Gain more experience from battles to improve even more. You have enough sun gems to add a grimchop to your creature collection. The spirits of these ancient Grimchop warriors can now be summoned to fight. Tap the Grimchop to learn their special ability.

    Legend of Solgard tutorial (wiki): all the warrior creatures have unique abilities. Tap the icon above to find out what the Grimchop’s ability is and try it out. Skill: shield strike - hurls his shield with incredible strength at the target in front, dealing damage. If there is power left, the shield continues, striking 1 more enemies behind the target. Line up Grimchop and they will shield strike the enemy.

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