Nova Storm cheats code hack (resource chest, vip, credit)
Nova Storm hacked
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    Official site Nova Storm cheat world: U.S.F Vagrants, performing exploration mission in Teunus star area. Our sensors have detected something suspicious. It looks like a plasma storm. I’m cheat-on. I’ve been waiting for you. Welcome on board, commander. We need a crystal mine - crystal is cruscial for the base’s growth; solar plant - you can collect electricity ”Nova to raise a powerful fleet.


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    Warning signal come from our outpost, let’s find out what’s going on. Be ready for your first explore mission, commander. Your fist mission is to secure the Pulson Nebula, the Nova pirates have become a serious threat to that area. The Paulson Nebula -was a dust cloud located in federation space near the trade route between Zeta Alpha 2 and Sentinel Minor 4. The nebula contained swirling dust clouds, large rocks, and clumpy material which presented a navigational hazard for starships.

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    Nova Storm tutorial”  /> <br /> We’ve detected some unusual engine signal from this coordinate. There could be something we don't even know about it. Let’s build supply center to increase the size of our marching fleets. Star zone - there are many resources available. SOlar plant - we can send fleets to occupy it and gather its electricity. The fleets will need some time to gather electricity. Let’s go back to the base and continue developing it.  <img src=
    Buildings: the interceptor dock is where incepator ships are trained. Upgrade the interceptor dock to train more units and unlock new ships. The supply depot provides gears for your fleets. We could come under attack at any time, the radar station can play a role in military intelligence warning. The radar station has 2 functions including detection and investigation of the army marching towards your base. The academy is where you research technology to improve your base. Upgrade it to unlock more advanced technology research.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: when you see red lines coming towards your base on the star map, this means the enemy is marching towards you. Recruit defense weapons to help protect your base. The defense center is where defense facilities are built. Upgrade it to unlock new defense weapons. Level up your embassy to increase your possible ally reinforcement troops.

    Nova Storm tutorial (wiki):want to add more ships to your rally? Upgrade your hall of war. Recommended quests - continue completing the quests to grow your base. When an ally is in battle, you can send an fleet to assist. Level up your embassy to increase your possible ally reinforcement troops. TO recruit ships faster, build more addons.

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