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    Official site Star Trace cheat world: ”Star i am an intelligent robot manufactured by the headquarters. In the future, i will be responsible for your daily schedule and life care. You can ask me any questions. You can call me You are the chosen one. You are able to solve many illegal events in the universe. Everything in this battleship is prepared for your future actions. Then, in order to be able to cope with incidents in the future, we are now starting to conduct a series of trainings for you.


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    Enter the grass and you will be invisible, perfect for hiding or ambush. The kill skill is powerful. It can also destroy obstacles and attack enemies hiding behind. Press or drag the kill button to defeat the enemy hiding behind the box. Mode: Bounty - defeat enemies to score. The team that score most will win in the end. Note that the more you score the more bounty you will get. Crush the enemies to score for your team.

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    Star Trace tutorial”  /> <br /> The power of the Demon king isn’t so easily overcome and besides, he can use magic to control other creatures. Every monster we’ve run into have been under his control. I see you’ve gotten some crystal from fighting those monsters. Why don’t tell i tell you how to use those. Hero feels power from the crystals enter his body. Open the hero panel. Select a hero to upgrade. Open the train panel. And upgrade hero stats: health, damage, physical, magic defense, speed. Crystals can be acquired by defeating monsters.  <img src=
    Characters: mage Star Trace mage - mother nature has endowed her with her powers, which can destroy all of nature’s opponents. Warrior Star Trace warrior(his childhood dream was to be a dragon slayer). His battling achievements include the beheading of a Cerberus, and even scaring off an evil giant. It is just a matter of time until he will conquer the dragons in this world. Necromant Star Trace necromant (loves going on treasure hunts) - he has faced many dangers and conquered many monster lairs throughout his adventures. He generally enjoys a drink at the bar after a good monster battle. Assassin Star Trace assassin - in order to protect the villagers out from monsters, she uses magic from an ancient an spell book, which contains an abundance of mythical knowledge.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: you have a pure star trace force which can be used to defeat monsters. Those heroes from before were unfortunately destroyed by monster priest, but don’t worry, they never actually die. We can use the star trace force to summon back those heroes, and have them fight for you again. Summons- this is the place for summoning heroes. Here you can summon regular, special or limited heroes. Once summoned, heroes can make good companions for battle, if tended to property. Heroes can’t start battling, until they have been added to the formations.

    Star Trace tutorial (wiki): 8 guilds in rankings of the tournament can proceed to the finals and obtain rewards. Formation page - you can see the heroes you have in the list below. Heroes can be deployed only according to what their icon states. F indicates front row, m - middle, b- back row. More formations will unlock as you level up. This will offer more battling strategies to help you deal with all kinds of opponents. Remember that defeated monsters leave gold, equipment and a number of other different items.

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